How Turmeric May Fight Breast Cancer

How Turmeric May Fight Breast Cancer I’ve been taking Turmeric Curcumin as a daily supplement for a while now. I began using it for back pain as a substitute for ibuprofen which, I have discovered, is as dangerous as acetaminophen! Who knew? The link to the article below gives you many more reasons to take curcumin, but its cancer preventative properties are especially interesting. Not only does it apparently help prevent cancer, but if you have cancer, it has been … Continue reading

Easy healthy meals…it’s not that hard!

Easy healthy meals…it’s not that hard! In an effort to support you in your quest for easy healthy meals, I have this to share… This morning, it was cold out.  I mean really, really cold; it was -13 F.  For us, that’s cold. I wanted to take my lunch with me to work, and I really wanted soup so I could have something hot.  I didn’t have any soup left in the refrigerator, so I made some in 5 minutes! … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana! This is shameful…

Medical Marijuana!  This is shameful… In California, the use of medical marijuana is now legal.  Many veterans use it as their drug of choice to control pain.  They choose it over opiates in some cases, and in cases of extreme pain, sometimes use it in addition to opiates. One person, Director Jeffrey T. Gering has decided…in spite of the law… that his personal opinion of medical marijuana should take priority; he is denying veterans access to this medicine. According to … Continue reading

Avocados are a Wonder Food!

 Avocados Really are a Wonder Food! I’ll admit I was really lukewarm about avocados.  It seemed a California thing to me somehow; not very New England where I live.  Besides, I thought they were kind of weird both in taste and texture; that is, no taste and waxy in texture.  Quite frankly, they never did much for me. I even remember the first time I tasted avocado.  I was visiting a friend in New York City.  We went out for … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Can Be Easy!

 Healthy Eating Can Be Easy and Delicious! A funny thing happened to Rob and me this week. We were struck by how many people think it’s such a lot of work to enjoy healthy eating, specifically to cook and make healthy meals.  Before I continue on with my story, ask yourself how long it takes to eat a bag of potato chips or a box of Oreos?  In that time, you could make a fantastic meal for yourself and/or your … Continue reading

Change Your Diet…Change Your Life!

Change Your Diet…Change Your Life! I think long and hard about how to best share the message I have to share; how to give people the benefit of my knowledge and experience learned from changing my diet that they may benefit too. Between my husband Rob and me, we have normalized blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol readings, and I have cured my decades-long struggle with depression. All this happened because we changed how we eat. I am constantly amazed at … Continue reading

Dr. Mark Hyman on Sugar Addiction & Food Cravings

Dr. Mark Hyman on Sugar Addiction & Food Cravings Anyone who knows me or who has followed my blog knows I am a huge fan of Dr. Mark Hyman.  He is the one person who really started me on the road to better health. I first heard him speak on a PBS special that was based on his book, “The Blood Sugar Solution“.  My husband, Rob, and I had been trying to get off a couple of prescription drugs. Rob … Continue reading

Food Cravings…Last Thoughts…

Food Cravings.  Wrapping it Up…A few Last thoughts Each particular food or food type has its own specific triggers. Knowing what triggers your own personal food cravings and how to manage them will help you get past the urge. There are healthy alternatives to every craving type as well.  Just be sure to purge your pantry of the bad stuff and have a healthy alternative close by when the craving hits. Food cravings aren’t as simple as some may believe. People are … Continue reading

Food Cravings Include Craving Alcohol & Carbohydrates

Food Cravings Include Craving Alcohol & Carbohydrates Food Cravings…Alcohol In certain limited situations and most definitely consumed only in moderation, alcohol can be beneficial. However, there are many more unhealthy situations and concerns related to drinking alcohol when abused. Alcoholism and medicine interactions are two of the many issues. Overcoming alcohol cravings: Recognize your “triggers”. External triggers include people places, things, or time of day. Knowing your triggers helps you to avoid them. Internal triggers can be from emotions or … Continue reading

Food Cravings … Let’s Talk about Caffeine & Salt!

Caffeine & Salt…(these can cause some pretty strong food cravings!) Caffeine Caffeinated drinks are a staple for many. From our first sip of coffee in the morning to that cup of tea with dinner, it seems many of us are inundating our bodies with caffeine. Overcoming caffeine cravings: Get enough rest. Make the time to relax and get enough sleep. Change your wake up time and morning routine in small ways. Take a walk first thing in the morning. Drink room … Continue reading