Do You Talk with Your Doctor about Health and Mindset?

health and mindsetDo You Talk with Your Doctor about Health and Mindset?

The need for achieving a mindset that helps you meet the challenges of everyday living is increasingly important in our often negative and chaotic world.  More healthcare providers are realizing their patients sometimes need help dealing with daily challenges and stresses that may affect their long term health and mindset.

We’ve all experienced times in our lives when it’s difficult to focus or maintain a steady pace in order to meet life’s challenges. Stress triggers confront us every day, but the trick is to be able to know how to best handle them and then move ahead with our lives.

You may not be used to talking to your doctor about problems in your life such as stress and other issues. Unless you have physical symptoms that point to these challenges, like high blood pressure for instance, it will be hard for your doctor to know what you’re dealing with that may be negatively affecting your health and mindset unless you tell him or her.

Many of us wrestle with situational depression from time to time, but when depression becomes a major factor in our lives, it’s time to make some changes. People who are in tune with their feelings and how they are influenced are usually more aware of how to cope with those feelings.

More research and testing are being done now than ever before to help people cope with the rising mental health issues manifesting in our society. Hands-on tools are the newest innovations in the technological realm of mental health. Tools such as Spire and Pacifica are now being used by mental health professionals to determine when and how a person may be able to manage their anxiety and depression. They come in the form of mobile apps and wearable devices that can instantly pinpoint when thoughts and actions begin to spiral downward.

More research is also being done with methods such as Yoga, aromatherapy and Tai Chi. These may be ancient forms of coping with problems and negative mindset, but they work in many cases to help people overcome hurdles in their lives and successfully deal with stress, health and mindset. A great DVD to begin with is Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40’s – 70’s) .

Our aging population necessitates research on how to maintain a positive mental attitude as we age and as we face major changes in our lives.  Most of us, regardless of our age, have experienced how your mindset can change in an instant by traumatic events in your life. For example: the death of a loved one, divorce, or losing a job can trigger a downturn in mental health and can render you incapable of coping with even the simplest of tasks.

Even situations in your life that are considered happy occasions can disrupt your health and make you feel anxious or sad. Getting married, getting a job promotion, the birth of a baby or a child leaving for college may become so stressful that you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope.  When these situations begin to affect your mental ability to focus, remember things or function properly, they’re also likely beginning to affect your physical health. High blood pressure, stomach issues such as ulcers or changes in appetite and many more symptoms may occur if you ignore them.  As the saying goes…”Stress can kill you!”, and it certainly can.

Finding methods to cope with stress can help ease these symptoms and can get you back to enjoying life once again with a calmer, clearer mind so you’re able to meet life’s challenges. Strive for a balanced lifestyle by finding relaxation methods to put you at ease no matter what challenges and stresses enter your life.

A healthy mindset can help you reap the rewards you desire in life – a healthy body, relaxation, the ability to think clearly when you need to and the resilience you need to maintain and keep life in perspective.  Don’t be afraid to discuss how you’re feeling with your doctor.  The health of your body is greatly affected by the health of your mind and your ability to cope with life on a daily basis.

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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