Coaching with Cheryl



 Anyone who wants to make changes to their weight,  to their health, and to how they look and feel!

“Are you struggling and frustrated after trying one diet after another and ending up back where you started… or worse?”


I have a huge news flash for you…Your Weight is Not Really About Your Weight!

People who want to lose weight have been focusing on the wrong things.

The fact is weight loss programs and diet food companies have been lying to you for years. They’ve been taking money out of your pocket then watching you fail, leaving you looking for another solution – because diets are designed to fail! They are not sustainable. They scream misery and deprivation. Focusing on your weight is not the pathway to getting healthier or to losing weight!

Consider that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar per year machine. Why would they want to teach you to learn to do this for yourself if they can continue to profit from watching you fail again and again and keep trying again and again?

I Invite You To Discover The Step By Step System To Learning How to Eat so You Never Have to Diet Again!

“Coaching with Cheryl”

An experience like no other!

Together we will:

  • Help Find Your Starting Point
  • Determine which first steps you should take to make life changing improvements
  • Design a menu plan you can not only live with but can thrive on and will love
  • You will have ongoing email access as well as 3 calls with me each month to give you the best, most personal support possible!


Cheryl A Major, CNWC

I’m Cheryl Major, and I have changed my health and my life by changing my own eating style. I cured myself of decades of debilitating depression and lost 20 pounds without dieting! I’m on a mission to share my success and my method with as many people as possible through my blogging, podcasting, speaking, teaching and via my TV show “Thin, Strong Healthy”.

Now, I am offering individual coaching to a few select people!

I call this coaching program “The Major Method Lite” as it gently moves you toward a different lifestyle of eating so your body finds its own perfect weight and so you never have to diet again!

There is no weighing in.  No special food to buy and have delivered to your door that’s loaded with preservatives and hidden sugars.

  • You will benefit from three one on one calls with me each month
  • Email access to me for help as you need it and to answer your questions
  • My personal recipes shared to help you transition to healthier eating deliciously
  • Automatic access and inclusion to any courses I create while we work together

You’ll have fun eating this new healthy way, and I’ll share how I ate so I watched the pounds melt away and began to feel better mentally and physically without dieting or feeling deprived ever!  You can do it, too!

Let’s talk about this seriously. I recognize a program that is this life changing is easily worth $500/month; I’ve looked at the programs, so I know.  First and most importantly, what price can you put on being guided to step into your own power; to take control of your health and wellness, stop procrastinating and start learning exactly what to do each day and how to eat at every meal to build a healthier you?

Because I want to help as many people as possible change their lives, I want to make it a no-brainer for you to be able to join me. When you sign up today it’s only a fraction of what it is worth – $299 per month or $3,000 per year.

The investment in your well-being is $299/month; and as you will discover, it is so worth it.

Coaching with Cheryl

Helping you make Major Improvements in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant