Brain Health and Diet

Brain Health and Diet

The hallmark signs of Alzheimer’s are sticky beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles in your brain, so let’s talk about Brain Health and Diet.

How would you like to have “almost 40% lower odds” of having enough plaques and tangles in brain tissue to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? How would you like to discover a delicious diet that can actually reduce your risk of Alzheimers Disease? It is possible, and ongoing research is supporting this.

I don’t know about you, but the minute I can’t remember a name or a word, I get totally on myself about my brain health. Both my parents suffered with dementia. My Dad’s was with Parkinson’s disease and my Mom’s was the result of a series of strokes.

Because of my family history, my brain health is front and center. How about you?

A friend sent me an article I want to share with you about brain health and diet and a way of eating that can make a real difference in your brain health and can do it long term. Here’s a short excerpt from that article:

Adding just one food category from either diet — such as eating recommended amounts of vegetables or fruits — reduced amyloid buildup in the brain to a level similar to being about four years younger, the study said.

“Doing a simple dietary modification, such as adding more greens, berries, whole grains, olive oil and fish, can actually delay your onset of Alzheimer’s disease or reduce your risk of dementia when you’re growing old,” said study author Puja Agarwal, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

People benefit from eating leafy greens.

The most benefit is from leafy greens, she said. However adding more berries, whole grains and other healthy foods recommended by the diets was also beneficial, she said.

“While this study doesn’t definitively prove that it’s possible to slow brain aging through dietary choices, the data are compelling enough for me to add green leafy vegetables to most of my meals, and to suggest the Mediterranean-style diet for my patients at risk,” said Alzheimer’s disease researcher Dr. Richard Isaacson, a preventive neurologist at the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases of Florida.

You can read the article in its entirety here: Mediterranean and MIND Diets

By the way, this diet is not only to help you avoid Alzheimers. It’s for your brain health and your physical health in general. It’s a lower inflammatory diet than the Standard American Diet (SAD) so many of us eat. When you lower the inflammation in your body, you lower your risk of chronic diseases which include diabetes, heart disease, depression, arthritis and many more.

Recent research is revealing inflammation to be the root cause of chronic diseases as well as premature aging, so enjoy a salad with some fresh veggies often. Adding fresh berries to your salad is an easy, delicious way to get more fresh fruit on your menu too!

Check the P.S. for information on a course that will help you reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet. Gluten is also being proven to be a contributor to brain tangles, so it’s important to manage that as well. Remember, changing your diet doesn’t necessarily mean you can never have it, just learn to eat it judiciously to maintain your good health and always be mindful of brain health and diet!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC


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