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The Healthy Eating Club

Are you ready to get healthy? Then you need the ongoing support of the Healthy Eating Club. You’ll get new content every two weeks, coupled with sage advice from Cheryl Major. Join us today!
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Crack Your Sugar Habit

Are you gaining weight and can’t seem to lose it? Has your doctor said you’re borderline Diabetic? Perhaps it’s the sugar you’re eating. This customized short course will give you a quick start to Crack Your Sugar Habit!
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What’s in a Food Label?

Do you worry or wonder about what is really in that bag or box of food you’re about to eat? In this 2 Session course, you will learn where to look and what to look for to become a truly smart, informed consumer.
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Inflammation Alleviation

Sore? Hurt to move? Don’t feel your best? Inflammation could be at the heart of the problem. Learn simple ways to alleviate your inflammation and live a better life!
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