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Sugar… is it really sweet?

Sugar…is it really sweet?

I’m having a great time working on my new TV show!  It’s a challenge writing, producing and editing, but a great learning experience, and I have the control!

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In this latest edition of Thin Strong Healthy, I dig deep into sugar…why we love it, why it doesn’t love us back and much, much more.  Did you know sugar is as addictive as cocaine, if not more so?  It lights up the pleasure centers in our brains and makes us feel good.

The down side is the damage it does when we eat it for years and years.  Many of us, even those of us who try to limit our sugar intake, aren’t aware of all the hidden sugar in our diets.

This is 20 minutes well spent…you’ll learn a lot, including how to spot the 56 different names sugar has.  Some of them I’ll bet you’ve never heard of… Check out Sugar…is it really sweet?

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