Why Go Gluten Free

Why Go Gluten Free? Many people decide to eliminate gluten from their diets due to a medical condition called Celiac disease. People with this disease lack the enzyme necessary to process gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains. However, you don’t have to suffer from Celiac disease to be adversely affected by gluten. Even being sensitive to gluten and still eating it can really mess you up! If you have not been diagnosed with Celiac disease but suspect … Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder What is Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD? It’s the onset and continuation of certain symptoms that appear during certain times of the year.  It occurs most often in women, and most frequently during the fall into the winter months when exposure to natural light becomes more limited. SAD may occur during the summer months as well, and when it does is sometimes accompanied by increased anxiety. My personal experience was that I struggled with depression … Continue reading

Discipline and Healthy Eating…Get on the Healthy Eating Bus!

Discipline and healthy eating Healthy eating is truly so simple that in our society, with the “food” choices that are easily available to us, it can be challenging and can require self discipline. The fast food we can grab on the go does not serve our long term health, and there are many nuances to the foods that appear healthy that we must learn and consider when making choices as to what to put in our bodies. I was talking … Continue reading

Depression and the Fall Season

Depression and the Fall Season Does Fall Make You Depressed? Fall always made me more depressed than usual. Maybe it was the shadows or the shortening of the daylight.  I live in New England, so everything freezes and dies.  I don’t know…but I always lived in dread of the approaching fall season. I began writing a book last fall (which I am getting closer to completing finally) about how I cured my depression by changing how I eat. I wanted … Continue reading

Fluoride is poison…yes it really is!

Fluoride is Poison When I walked into my dentist’s office last month for my semi-annual teeth cleaning appointment, I was greeted by a very large, definitely hard to miss poster telling me not to forget to have my fluoride treatment to protect my teeth against cavities. I know at some point I’ve had a fluoride treatment, but not for many years. For the past few years, as I’ve become more health conscious and frankly less trusting of what the mainstream … Continue reading

Are Your Cosmetics Poisonous? Is There Lead in Your Lipstick?

Lead in Lipstick Is there poison in your cosmetics? There may be lead in your lipstick! I recently discovered that the makers of my favorite health lipstick (I bought it in bulk, but am running out…) have stopped making it. This has started me on a quest to find and share with you the best lipstick.  I’m talking about lipstick that is not tested on animals, lipstick that does not have lead in it (I’m not kidding) and lipstick that … Continue reading

Robin Williams… Depression and Suicide

Depression sucks…the life out of you… Two important people have suffered from depression and have died in my world/the world in the past three weeks.  One is Michael, and one is Robin Williams.  Anti-depressants didn’t work for either of these men.  Michael, we suspect, was self-medicating to try to feel better, and Robin Williams hung himself. Having struggled with depression for many years, in fact until about a year ago, I can tell you it’s a lot of work being … Continue reading

How Eating Whole Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

How Eating Whole Foods Can Help You Lose Weight As Americans, we are always pre-occupied with weight loss.  We should be; we have become a very over-weight nation.  There’s always some new pill or tonic being advertised; some new fad diet in the weight-loss industry. Lately it seems trends are heading back to what nature intended us to eat – good, wholesome foods. We hear a lot of talk about whole foods, but what exactly is a whole food anyway? Whole foods are … Continue reading

Healthy Living to Combat an “Off” Day

Healthy Living to Combat an “Off” Day What to do when you’re having an “off” day. Some days are just not fun no matter what you try to do.  Maybe work isn’t going smoothly or you have challenges in your personal life.  Sometimes you just feel off… I’ve grown to call this feeling “chemical” because I think the balance in my brain can get out of whack relative to endorphins. I’ve also come to realize it’s usually something I’ve done, … Continue reading

Eating Clean… Part 2

Eating Clean Once you’ve cleaned out your pantry, your refrigerator and your freezer, what do you replace it with?  Think colors and for goodness sake, avoid the beige processed fast foods! Start with vibrantly colored fresh food.  Go for dark red and green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, beans, grass fed organic meat and poultry if you’re a meat eater.  Wild sustainable fish if you’re a pescatarian.  Buy as much organic as you can find or afford. I know people try … Continue reading