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Alternative Medicine

  • What is Holistic Health
    Alternative Medicine

    What is Holistic Health?

    We hear advances in holistic health have been helping people achieve the right balance in their lives, but, what is holistic health? It’s important to understand how holistic health and wellness have made significant contributions to anti-aging and to discover the role holistic wellness can play in your future. It’s also important to read, research and then apply what you learn. I suggest you set clear goals for your holistic wellness utilizing the valuable information in this and other articles I will share. Special cautionary note: Don’t try to achieve everything at once – holistic wellness is a gradual journey.   The Foundations of Holistic Health Holistic health, an approach…

  • 3 Tips for Great Sleep
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    3 Tips for Great Sleep

    3 Tips to Make Sure You Get All the Sleep Your Brain Needs to Stay Healthy It seems insomnia is a modern epidemic. Whether you deal with insomnia or you are chronically sleep-deprived, it’s likely that poor sleep is affecting your performance both personally and professionally. These 3 tips will help you modify your sleep practices and help you feel rested and refreshed! Let’s face it, sleep deprivation feels terrible. You will have noticed if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, you feel sluggish, heavy, and slow, as though you’re trying to walk through syrup. You’re clumsy and confused, you feel older than your years and nothing seems to go…

  • Meditation & Depression
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    Meditation and Depression

    Depression is a huge problem all around the world, so today I want to explore meditation and depression. More than 264 million people globally suffer some form of depression according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2020 In 2015, about 16.1 million US adults had at least one major depressive episode in the past year 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18 Women are 70% more likely than men to have depression and about 12 million women in the United States experience clinical depression each year Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world (WHO, 2020) Depression is a mental health diagnosis where certain symptoms…

  • What is Naturopathy
    Alternative Medicine

    What Is Naturopathy

    Exploring alternative medicine is a focal point for many of us today.  There are different practices and disciplines, so I thought it would be helpful to explore a few of them over the next few weeks.  I thought we’d begin with a discussion of naturopathy. Treating your body and enhancing your health naturally is an important goal for many of us. Naturopathy offers many options for natural remedies and preventative care that can be alternatives to conventional medicine. If you have ever wondered just what naturopathy is or what it includes, here is a little information about it. Naturopathy, also known as naturopathic medicine, is a system of healing and…

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    Allopathic or Functional Medicine. Which is right for you?

    Allopathic or Functional? Allopathic or Functional?  Did you know there are two basic schools of thought when it comes to our medical care? The definition of each and how we are treated by the practitioners of each school when we have a health issue is important for us to understand. Our typical health care system is based on allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is defined as, “a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated”. I frankly think of it as sickness care more than I think of…

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    Prebiotics for Gut Health…Do you need them to feel better?

    Prebiotics for Gut Health Sometimes there are things I would prefer to keep to myself…to keep private.  However, to be true to my commitment to you… to be transparent about health and to be of service to you in your quest for better health, sometimes I have to put myself out there.  This is one of those times, and it ends up being a discussion about prebiotics for gut health. Earlier this summer I had a bout with an intestinal bug for two or three days.  It left me in a state that was really beginning to frighten me.  My bouts of “intestinal distress” in the aftermath were sudden and…