Your Gut Health – Steps 4 & 5…healing your gut and reducing stress

Step #4 Gut Health – Heal Your Gut Chronic inflammation, if unchecked, is the precursor to most if not all disease! There’s a good chance you have some irritation and inflammation in your gut already. If you don’t take steps to reduce the inflammation, it can create real problems for you down the road.  Take heart though; there are some easy ways to heal your gut.  These include: Getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids – Eat cold water fish several times a week or take … Continue reading

Improving Your Gut Health – Steps 2 & 3

Step #2 – Identify and Eliminate Food Sensitivities and Allergies to Improve Your Gut Health It’s becoming more and more common for people to suffer from food sensitivities, and that affects their gut health. On a very simple level, food sensitivities and allergies can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea or constipation. They can cause skin irritation like acne or eczema, and on a more serious level, they can also cause inflammation, malnutrition, and even depression or neurological symptoms. The key … Continue reading

Improving Your Gut Health – Step #1- Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods to Improve Your Gut Health Busy lives mean that many of us turn to foods that are quick and easy to eat. We eat sugary cereal, frozen pizzas and boxes of food that come ready to eat. These foods are highly processed and are seriously devoid of the micronutrients our bodies need to be healthy and fully functional. They contain unhealthy kinds of fat and large amounts of sugar and chemicals that are added to them … Continue reading

Your gut health…how you can improve it…an introduction

Let’s spend some time talking about what you can do to improve your gut health! Over the next week or two, we’ll discuss five different steps you can take to improve your digestive health also known as your gut health. Each of these steps will have a significant impact on your overall mental and physical well being.  Your mental and physical health are intricately linked.  Remember; you are what you eat! Attempting to adopt all the steps into your lifestyle … Continue reading

Gut Health…How Your Digestive System Works

Gut Health…How Your Digestive System Works We’ve discussed how important your gut health is to your entire well-being.  Too often, modern medicine gives us the impression we can eat anything we want with no consequences as big pharma will have a pill to fix everything.  Not true!  We are responsible for our health as a result of what we eat, so let’s take a look at the digestive system to have a basic understanding of how it works. Your digestive … Continue reading

Gut Health…Why is it Important?

What Is a Healthy Gut and Why Does Gut Health Matter? I know it seems like the subject “du-jour”, but you truly are what you eat.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates, (c.430 BC).  Words to live by, and words to live well by.  There is a huge movement afoot of people who are realizing they can change their lives by changing what they eat, and what they eat affect their gut health.  I am one of … Continue reading

Eating well on vacation…it’s not as hard as you may think!

Eating well on vacation It’s one thing to go on vacation with your husband (you can eat the way you want). It’s entirely another challenge when you go on vacation with another couple who in no way eats the way you do! We just had a terrific time in Florida with our friends Warren and Kathy. They eat very differently than we do, however, so we knew that would be a challenge. We were their guests at a house they … Continue reading

Eating well in the airport…airport food is usually pretty bad for you…

Eating well in the airport How do I make sure I am eating well in the airport while I’m waiting for a flight? Actually I did pretty well. Because it was very early morning flight, I had gotten up at 3 AM. It was a little early to face eating breakfast, so I hadn’t eaten very much before I left the house. I had a slice of Socca (recipe below) with raw almond butter on it and half a cup … Continue reading

FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault!

FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault…why? When I was working on the last section of my book, “Eat Your Blues Away”, I titled it “How to Prevent a Back Slide”.  It focused on the problem of how you keep yourself eating clean and avoiding the temptation of a donut now and then (my all time favorite!), a piece of crusty white Italian bread with Gorgonzola cheese, or something else that used to be an irresistible treat. I’m currently coming out of a few … Continue reading

Big Business is banking on you and me screwing up… (Fast food, fitness…?)

Big business is banking on you and me screwing up…Fast food companies, fitness establishments etc. are counting on you and me not keeping our commitments to ourselves and not achieving our health and fitness goals.  What do I mean by this? Here’s a great example for you.  Gyms and fitness companies plan on you and me buying a membership, showing up for a while, and then giving up on getting in shape.  How do they plan for this?  They oversell memberships; … Continue reading