Eating and Exercising Challenges – I have them too!

Eating and Exercising ChallengesEating and Exercising Challenges

I’m no stranger to eating and exercising challenges, but as frequently happens, I was in a group recently talking about diet and healthy eating; someone said to me, “Oh you’ve never had a weight problem.  This is easy for you…”

I thought I would address this today.  It’s not always been easy for me, and I remember quite a few years ago, I was very unhappy with my job.  My solution was to go home and bake, from scratch, an apple turnover for four…it was delicious…  I ate it all myself in one sitting in my den, by myself, while watching Mash reruns.  I put on more than a few pounds doing that.  This is my way of letting you know I am not a stranger to eating challenges.  I have a sweet tooth, yes, I do.  I can eat more than I should, yes I can.

Also, regarding exercising, I am not a gym rat; I will never be a gym rat.  In fact, I really, really dislike exercising.  I like how I feel after I exercise and when I’ve been exercising regularly, but honestly…I do-not-like-to-exercise.

Today, I went back to the gym.  Yay…big pat on the back for moi.  The good news is so far I have not injured myself.  Last time I went to the gym, I got on a treadmill without paying attention.  I was looking up at the TVs trying to decide where to land and chose one with a dog running joyfully toward his master.  I didn’t notice the last (or current) user left it running, and I went flying. Wrong way to get on a treadmill… It was ugly and painful.  I was in a heap on the floor when the perpetrator returned; he saw me in a heap, stepped over me and continued using his treadmill.

Along with repairing my pride, it took me several weeks to have my injuries heal.  Those close to me have threatened to wrap me in bubble pack or get me a helmet.  I can be a clutz.

I share these rather embarrassing and definitely not glamorous stories to emphasize to you that we are in this together.  I am not an easy traveler on this road to better health.  I have my challenges and failures, but I “keep a goin’ “as my Dad used to say.  I share these stories so you understand I am not preaching at you or to you, but rather sharing the discoveries and journeys that have enabled me to make my life and my health better.  My hope is that doing this and being transparent about it will help you stay on the road with me.

I’m starting a Health update called “Your Major Health Minutes”, and it will be a couple of minutes 2 to 3 times per week of a quick video, audio or email with something to incorporate into your world to up your game, help with your eating and exercising challenges and move you toward better health, better weight, etc.

If you’d like to be included, please email me at and put Major Health Minutes in the subject line.  You’ll be included in the program (you can opt out anytime you choose).  No pressure; it’s entirely up to you.  I hope you’ll give it a try.

Just an FYI…  I don’t give up.  Not on myself and not on you!  Btw…try this recipe the next time you really want something sweet.

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC


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