Sugar Addiction, and who in the world is Roger Mason?

sugar addictionSugar Addiction, and who in the world is Roger Mason?

I don’t always agree with everything Roger Mason writes. But…I do think he has some valid points, and I do take some of his vitamins and his mineral products.  They are affordable and well done! Today I want to share with you his latest article which is spot on about sugar addiction and sugar substitutes.  My favorite part is when he writes:

We have no need at all for sugar in our diets. The real answer is to just stop this sugar addiction. Fifty years ago we didn’t do this. No culture has ever done this. 1 in 3 American children born today will grow up to get diabetes, and we still don’t get it. We have the worst adult diabetes rates in the world. No other country has a diabetes epidemic like ours…”

He is so right about the diabetes epidemic.  Even if diabetes doesn’t occur in your family, which may make you feel safe, you have to understand you are still at risk for getting Type II diabetes simply from the deadly diet that is our American food supply.

Roger’s back story is that he was the developer of Super Beta Prostate which you have no doubt heard advertised on TV.  He sold that company for many millions years ago and appears to not be interested in charging top dollar for his supplements.  In my opinion, his prices are fair, and his quality is good.

He can be a resource to follow for health updates and information.  It’s ok not to agree with everything, but I know you will get some very good information from him you can use to improve your health.  I strongly suggest this is a good, quick read with great information!

While you’re on the sugar truth wagon, check out my earlier article on sugar, and grab a copy of William Dufty’s classic book on his recovery from sugar, Sugar Blues!

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