Eating and Self Sabotage…is it a problem for you?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  – Marianne Williamson

I love this quote.  In fact, I have it on my wall in my office to remind me not to sabotage myself by unconsciously undermining my progress and my performance by, while desiring success…fearing it at the same time.

This relates in a massive way to your diet, your weight and to your health.

Let’s think about a few ways this applies to many of us.  I have three words for you:  sugar, portions and processed food.  I know, I know…that’s four words, but you know what I mean.

Sugar is the huge boogie man in our world of food today.  Sugar is highly addictive, and unless you’re running every day or killing it in the gym, the odds are when you eat sugar, your body isn’t burning all of the glucose.  You need a certain amount of sugar, or glucose, for energy.  When your body doesn’t burn that glucose, it simply turns to fat.  And…to add a further complication, when more fat cells are created, it taxes your heart.  Every one of those fat cells has a new blood supply.  Your heart has to work harder to pump blood to those new fat cells.  How much harder is your heart working than if you were able to drop 10, 20 or more pounds?

There’s sugar in everything! Recently, I went to buy my favorite hummus.  It’s plain hummus and has really good ingredients…no canola oil or other nasty stuff.  The store is no longer carrying it, but they are carrying a red pepper version of the same brand.  I read the ingredients, as I always do (and as you should, too).  There’s sugar in it!!!  Who puts sugar in hummus????

No doubt they did taste testing, and the testers preferred the hummus with sugar,  Well duh…we are so addicted to sugar, of course they did!

What about portions.  The “all you can eat” specials have created a population that values quantity over quality.  To be able to eat plate after plate of something is more valued that eating a moderate sized portion of good quality food!  Did you know the Okinawans, who live well into their 90s and beyond in good health, eat until they are 80% full.  Then they stop.  We need to learn that feeling a little hungry is ok.  It is!

Finally, processed food.  Folks, it’s not really food.  It was food before they took all the good out of it, or processed all the good out of it.  Then they put back some vitamins and minerals so you don’t think it’s as bad as it is, and they can advertise it’s rich in something.  Then they add massive amounts of salt, sugar and fat to make it “taste good”.  When you eat real food, that’s what tastes good.  We eat so poorly, we no longer know the differerence.

If there’s one thing I would ask of you…well two things.  Read your ingredient labels before you buy any food, and don’t sabotage your success and your life by eating badly.  You’re worth more than sugar, “all you can eat” and processed foods!

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC







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