Eat for Productivity- You’ll Be Surprised at the Difference it Makes!

Eat for ProductivityEat for Productivity

Do you remember the song “Dem Bones” with the words, ”The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone; the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone” and so on?  It’s so true; everything is connected.  Your gut, your heart, your brain.  Food choices affect how your organs perform and ultimately, your food choices affect your productivity.  If you’re an entrepreneur, this is big news, and you want to pay close attention and be sure to eat for productivity!

Think for a minute about times when you’re really sharp and productive and times when you struggle.  What did you eat before you worked at peak performance; what did you eat before you struggled? How sharp and energetic are you after a burger and fries on a big bun or after a few slices of pizza?  How sharp are you after a salad and a small serving of protein?

Because your food choices really do affect your productivity, I want to offer some suggestions for you ambitious entrepreneurs out there who need to keep your energy at top levels and your brains running at peak performance… to help you eat for productivity!

Our brains need glucose to stay alert and to function well.  That’s why it’s hard to concentrate when we’re hungry; our glucose levels are low, and our brains are “running on empty”.

Nearly everything we eat during the day is converted into glucose by our bodies.  The tricky part is that not all foods are processed at the same rate.  Foods like breads, pasta and sugary foods are processed quickly which gives us a “glycemic bump” only to let us down shortly after that which is why you get a burst of energy after eating something that your body processes quickly and then feel tired shortly after.  Other foods that are high in fat, like hamburgers and pizza, are processed more slowly, but our digestive systems have to work harder to process them.  When this happens, oxygen levels in the brain are temporarily lowered which also makes us feel sluggish.

It’s hard to make good, sensible decisions when you’re really hungry, so experts suggest a few strategies.  First, don’t wait until you’re famished!  Graze during the day to keep your blood sugar more level.  I can tell you that years ago I struggled with hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar.  It made all the difference in the world in how I felt to eat 6 or 8 small meals during the day.  I never felt hungry, and I never felt full.  It was great!

Second, keep healthy snacks like nuts and fresh fruit within easy reach.  That way you’ll be less apt to reach for that donut or muffin when you need to eat something quickly.

Finally, be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the day.  A sliced cucumber, apple or sliced red pepper with some hommus is a great healthy snack.  Eating fruits and vegetables isn’t just good for your health; it’s good for your brain, too!  Try snacking like I just described for a few days, and see if you notice a difference in how you feel, your energy level and your brain’s sharpness.

To be an entrepreneur requires discipline and a plan.  That plan should include how to eat right to keep you brain healthy and your mind sharp!

Helping you achieve Major Wellness in your life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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