I’m Planning to Go Off My Healthy Diet… (find out why)

I’m planning to go completely off my healthy diet.

Rob and I are planning a trip to Italy for fall, 2016. It will be exactly 20 years since we’ve been there. We were supposed to go back in 2001, but we were scheduled to fly out of Boston September 11th, 2001. Needless to say, we did not go.


Everyone who knows me is aware that I eat really carefully. Part of the reason for my healthy diet is to stay healthy, and part of the reason is that eating the way I do cured what for me was a long battle with chronic depression. When I hit Italy next fall however, that is going off the rails for however long I’m there.In Italy, I hope pizza is part of a healthy diet.

The first thing I will eat is pizza (which was the first thing I ate there 20 years ago). I can still see and taste it! Grilled veggies with a thin, crisp crust and fresh parmesan and mozzarella cheese, a glass of wine… heaven! Can you tell I can’t wait?

What I’m curious about (and frankly it frightens me a little) is the possibility that this going off the rails plan will bring on depression again. I know my mood well, and I will be able to tell if it’s getting weird in my head and with my mood. If it does, I’ll switch back to the straight and narrow, but hey! A girl’s gotta go nuts once in a while!!

I’m also curious to see if eating the food in Italy, which I know is vastly different quality-wise from the food we get here, affects me differently. For instance, wheat in this country has been developed to be higher in gluten. Gluten is highly addictive (they spray it on your McFries to keep you coming back for more…) My brother-in-law, who owns the LA chain, D’Amore’s Pizza Connection, has his pizza flour imported from Italy so people are less likely to experience gluten sensitivity when they eat at his restaurants.healthy diets are easy in the tuscany countryside

Also, Europeans haven’t had the GMO food inflicted upon them as we have here. It’s easier to eat widely and safely as the Italians embrace good food. I guess you can say good food is largely what their culture is built upon.

The wine in Italy doesn’t have sulfates either. When you order a meal, you can just order the house table wine; it’s that good.

Dolces…well, I’ll eat those in moderation. I don’t find sugar tastes like it used to when I do eat it. It almost tastes kind of bitter, if that makes any sense. I don’t love the sweetness like I used to. I’ve been on this diet and sugar free for about two years now.

I’m really looking forward to another adventure in Italy and to loving their food again. Until I get off that plane though, I’ll be on the straight and narrow with my healthy diet and “in training” for my Italy vacation.

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant




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