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    Exercise Tips for Metabolic Syndrome

    If you’ve been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, more than likely, you have too much fat around your waist, high blood triglycerides, low HDL (good cholesterol), high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Here are some exercise tips for metabolic syndrome…to avoid it, that is! Exercise is always a plus, and it’s even more important if you are trying to back off from the damage metabolic syndrome has in store for you. * Try Aerobic Exercise – Aerobic exercise gets your blood pumping and requires you to breathe more heavily. This kind of exercise improves your lung capacity and increases your metabolism; it can even improve your blood glucose levels. Some…

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    Eight Tips to Avoid Sedentary Behavior

    Aside from making poor dietary choices, one of the worst things you can do for your health is to be sedentary. I am so guilty of this and have to stay on myself all the time. Being sedentary means that you spend most of your time sitting or lying down regardless of what you’re doing – whether it’s reading, gaming, watching TV, or working. Personally, I spend too much time sitting in front of my laptop. Training yourself not to be sedentary is probably one of the healthiest things you can. Let’s talk about eight tips to avoid sedentary behavior. 1. Get a Stand-Up Desk – If you work at…

  • Treatment Options for Metabolic Syndrome Including Medication
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    Treatment Options for Metabolic Syndrome Including Medication

    When you’re faced with metabolic syndrome, there are two options for the treatment. Although it is preferable to employ lifestyle changes, you may find treatment options for metabolic syndrome including medication are in order. The truth is, the path you take is mostly up to you, the patient. If you don’t make the necessary lifestyle changes, medication isn’t going to be enough to prevent complications in most cases. And as usual, medication most often brings other unwanted symptoms into the picture. Let’s look at the paths of treatment you can choose to follow for metabolic syndrome. Medication Depending upon the conditions you have, your doctor may want to prescribe pharmaceutical…

  • Metabolic Syndrome Prevention Tips
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    Metabolic Syndrome Prevention Tips

    Today, experts believe metabolic syndrome can explain most illnesses and health events that are killing us today; events like a heart attack for instance. The signs that someone has metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, obesity, low good cholesterol (HDL) levels, and most obviously fat accumulation around the waist commonly referred to as belly fat. It is estimated that as many as one out of six Americans is living with some form of metabolic syndrome. Most often, metabolic syndrome is caused by poor diet choices and lack of exercise, but it is also thought to be inherited in some cases – mostly as a result of…

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    Complications of Metabolic Syndrome

    There are several serious complications of Metabolic Syndrome. I think Metabolic Syndrome itself would be easier to remember if it were about a specific condition. Instead, it is about a combination of conditions. “Metabolic Syndrome” is the common term for a combination of conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess belly fat, and abnormal triglyceride levels. It can increase your risk for we all want to avoid; diseases like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. It’s a serious condition that can lead to early death if left untreated. There are several complications of metabolic syndrome that we all need to aware of. Here are some of the potential…

  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Metabolic Syndrome
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    Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Metabolic Syndrome

    One thing to realize about any health condition is that even though our bodies seem the same, everyone is different. Because of this, medications and diet affect everyone differently. Here are some questions to ask your doctor about Metabolic Syndrome. Be sure to also ask specific questions about your case as they arise. 1. What Are the Complications of Metabolic Syndrome? – Everyone is at risk for different types of consequences and complications from metabolic syndrome. They could range from heart disease to diabetes to stroke. 2. Are There Any Genetic Influences for Me That I Should Be Concerned About? – Each family is different, so you’ll likely need to…

  • Is metabolic syndrome inherited?
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    Is Metabolic Syndrome Inherited?

    Is metabolic syndrome inherited? Epigenetics, your best friend or your serious enemy? Are you someone, or do you know someone who says, “Everyone in my family is overweight” or “Everyone in my family is diabetic”? Did you know, regardless of your gene pool, you have control over whether your genes manifest as disease or not based on your food and your environmental choices? Sometimes you end up with the tendency to develop metabolic syndrome through no fault of your own due to the genetics you inherited from your family. Occasionally, you inherit health challenges by learning unhealthy behavior too – especially those that are diet related. For example, if your…

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    Emotional Stress Eating

    Do You Turn to Emotional Stress Eating? I was talking to a friend the other day, and I asked her what her biggest challenge was relative to healthy eating and keeping her weight under control. She didn’t skip a beat and immediately said, “emotional stress eating”. When she’s bored or worried or under stress, she finds she tends to grab a bag of chips or cookies without realizing it. If you tend to eat when you’re feeling down or stressed to help yourself feel better, you may be an emotional eater. Emotional Eating is also known as Comfort Eating. It’s the act of responding to stressful situations by turning to…

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    Stress and Food Choices

    Stress and Food Choices There is an aspect regarding managing stress that relates to food in a big way. Some stress actually originates from the foods and drinks we choose to consume. An awareness of which foods amp up your stress levels and which will pour balm on the stress waters will help you manage stress in a big way. It’s important to think about stress and food choices. When you’re under stress, you can eat too much or too little or you can simply eat the wrong foods that actually harm you by increasing your stress levels during an already stressful episode. The first truth to remember is that…

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    Improve Memory Function

    Can you Improve Memory Function Once You Have Started to Lose it? It’s understandable to think that once you begin to lose your memory, you might not be able to improve memory function. However, in most cases there are practices or solutions for dealing with memory lapses, and you can actually improve your memory. You may want to consult your health care professional to receive an accurate diagnosis and a recommended treatment. A doctor may be able to determine the cause of your memory loss. Memory loss can be reversed, depending on the cause. A few of the types that can often be reversed are caused by depression, thyroid problems,…