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Holiday Weight Gain

Do you realize the holidays, with the eating challenges accompanying them, actual begin in October? With them come the threat of holiday weight gain.

It’s true! Buying Halloween candy is in full swing long before the actual holiday. And with the purchasing of all the candy, too often comes the eating of all the candy.

During the holidays, other than candy, what is and isn’t good for you to eat can be pretty confusing. You’ll hear a lot of mixed opinions and contradictory information, so let’s get a basic run down of what to eat and what to avoid.

By creating a list for yourself of what foods you can have and what foods you should be careful with, you can get a decent idea of how other foods in your holiday lineup can affect your health.

The best foods you’ll find around the holiday season are all the many different kinds of vegetables. You’ll find carrots, squash, green beans, broccoli, and more. These are often best done roasted in the oven with some interesting seasonings.

Other great holiday foods are meat, poultry and fish. Turkey, chicken, roasts and more all find their way onto our holiday tables. Assuming those items are roasted, smoked or grilled and not deep fried, these are an excellent choice for your holiday plate. Smoked and grilled meats are high in protein, low in carbs and sugars, and they taste great!

Unfortunately, there are many foods, plentiful during the holidays, that aren’t very good for you at all. They taste delicious, so you can have some, but it’s in your best interest not to go overboard on anything that’s going to cause excessive weight gain. If you follow this advice, trust me, you will be so much happier when January comes.

First and foremost are the sugary foods. Desserts and candy are abundant from October through December. Pies, cookies, candy, and milk chocolate are all high in sugar and should be eaten in small amounts and only occasionally.

Hefty carb-loaded side dishes are best when eaten in small amounts as well. You’ll often find these presented as hearty casseroles, mashed potatoes, rolls, biscuits, and so on. Try to eat very small amounts of these with your meal. You’ll probably feel better mood-wise and energy-wise if you refrain from these dishes and add another veggie to your plate instead.

If you’re an adult, try to make it a point to stave off candy during Halloween and Christmas if you can. If you’re trying to reach your goal of getting in better shape, the candy and desserts will be your worst enemy.

One of the holiday treats less frequently discussed is high calorie drinks. Sodas are an obvious one to avoid at all costs, but so is alcohol. Alcohol itself is high in calories, and when you add it to sweet mixes and sodas, it’s even worse.

Beers, wines and liquor are all very high calorie drinks. If you plan on drinking during the holidays when you’re with family, it’s in your interest to try to keep it light. Drinking a lot during the holidays will pack on the pounds quickly and may leave you searching for a diet to help you drop that extra weight when the New Year rolls around.

The Solution

By being hyper aware of what you’re eating from October through January 1st is a great way to end one year and begin a new one. Many people have found that using smoothies during this time is a great way to manage your weight and even drop a few pounds. You can take a look at a smoothie program for weight loss I found for you to help you avoid and manage holiday weight gain.

Think about how you will feel in January when you have enjoyed yourself but haven’t succumbed to holiday weight gain. I just bet you’ll feel great and will be very proud of yourself!

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Cheryl A Major

Cheryl A Major, CNWC
Cheryl A Major, CNWC


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