Green Tea – here’s a great tasting way to enjoy it!

Green Tea Green Tea tastes terrible!  Or at least that’s what a client of mine told me the other day.  So…I decided to write a post and share it with all of you about how I used to agree with her, but now I’ve learned to make a delicious rich hot cup of green tea that you just might love! I’ll tell you how I do it in a minute, but first, I want to extol the virtues of green … Continue reading

Detoxing for Better Health

Simple Ways to Detox the Body by Cheryl Major

Detoxing for Better Health Detoxing for better health…will a body detox make you feel better? When you detox your body by feeding it high nutrient-dense food, or even by eliminating all food for a period of time, you help your body heal itself. Controlling exactly what you put into your body will help rest your organs, stimulate your liver, promote elimination, improve circulation, and refuel your body with high nutrition.  I have a FREE report for you on how to … Continue reading

If You Hate to Diet, Check This Out!

Simple Ways to Detox the Body by Cheryl Major

If you hate to diet, read this There are a couple of recurring themes I hear from people when I try (and I always try) to impress upon them the importance to their long-term health and well-being of switching to a healthier, cleaner diet.  Those themes are: I hate to diet; I don’t want to give up the foods I love; and how do I get started…it’s so hard to change!  I’m glad you asked, because we’re going to talk about … Continue reading

Increase Productivity Naturally…what are you eating today?

Increase Productivity Naturally I just read a fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! It’s about how to increase productivity naturally. We all know food affects us in many ways. Our food choices dictate in large part our health, our longevity, and how we feel on a daily basis.  In this article, a study published just this month in the British Journal of Health Psychology was discussed; it really drives home how important our food … Continue reading

BPA and you…this is a crucial read for your future health!

BPA and You BPA and You…If we tested you for BPA, would you test positive?  93% of us would! Can you believe it? 93% of us!! If you think that’s not important, allow me to put that into perspective.  BPA (bisphenol A) is an endocrine-disrupting industrial chemical.  In the vernacular, that means BPA messes with your hormones.  Let’s discuss what BPA does to us and who should avoid exposure to it, how BPA is used and what products contain BPA, … Continue reading

In memory of Geoff Hoff…

Geoff Hoff

In Memory of Geoff Hoff… I knew Geoff Hoff longer than I’ve known anyone else online. He led the “Red Group” I was in when I signed up for Pat O’Bryan’s course:  “Wow! This is Easy!” back in 2010 or thereabouts… Along with learning, Wow!…this isn’t easy… it’s a lot of work, I also learned that Geoff was a remarkably patient, earnest and caring person. Later, I reconnected with Geoff through Connie Ragen Green.  I joined his Wednesday night call … Continue reading

Change Your Mindset to Relieve Stress… and live a longer, healthier life

 Change Your Mindset to Relieve Stress Laugh – Laughter reduces stress and helps keep your heart healthy. It improves blood flow, reduces inflammation in your arteries and may actually reduce cholesterol and blood clot formation. If you don’t laugh much, make a point of laughing. Check out Youtube for some old Dean Martin Roasts (which are hysterical…I dare you not to laugh! Just watching those guys laugh cracks me up), find a humor website to follow, call a silly friend, … Continue reading

Change Your Diet to Live a Longer, Healthier Life!

Change Your Diet to Live a Longer, Healthier Life! During this series of blog posts, I’ll share 36 ways to increase your life span. Many of these steps require diet and lifestyle changes. In order for these changes to be effective and to truly become part of your day-to-day routine, you’ll want to take it slowly and tackle one change at a time. Lifestyle experts suggest that it takes two to three weeks to create a new habit. As you … Continue reading

How Turmeric May Fight Breast Cancer

How Turmeric May Fight Breast Cancer I’ve been taking Turmeric Curcumin as a daily supplement for a while now. I began using it for back pain as a substitute for ibuprofen which, I have discovered, is as dangerous as acetaminophen! Who knew? The link to the article below gives you many more reasons to take curcumin, but its cancer preventative properties are especially interesting. Not only does it apparently help prevent cancer, but if you have cancer, it has been … Continue reading

Easy healthy meals…it’s not that hard!

Easy healthy meals…it’s not that hard! In an effort to support you in your quest for easy healthy meals, I have this to share… This morning, it was cold out.  I mean really, really cold; it was -13 F.  For us, that’s cold. I wanted to take my lunch with me to work, and I really wanted soup so I could have something hot.  I didn’t have any soup left in the refrigerator, so I made some in 5 minutes! … Continue reading