7 Foods That Accelerate Aging

7 Foods That Accelerate Aging7 Foods That Accelerate Aging

Just as food can heal your body, so can your choices also hurt and accelerate the aging process. Even though we are living in a time of unprecedented medical advances and healthy food options, we are also bombarded by foods that only pretend to be healthy for us. The truth is that many of them are very bad for your health.

The chances are pretty high you’re including something on this list in your diet without realizing it’s not serving your present and future good health.

Preserved Meats

Though grass fed, humanely raised meat may be a better choice for you when eaten in limited amounts and if you choose to include meat in your diet, preserved meats are not healthy and should be avoided. The primary reason to avoid them is because many of the preservatives used in their production promote the formation of free radicals which damage DNA and accelerate aging. In addition to this is the fact that many of these preserved meats are smoked as well, which is responsible for increased presence of carcinogenic compounds in the meat.

Trans Fats

These are the least desirable fats for your good health; trans fats come in two varieties: Naturally occurring and artificial.

  • Naturally occurring trans fats are those that come from animals and foods made from them, such as steaks and milk, which may contain small quantities.
  • Artificial trans fats, also known as trans fatty acids, are created in factories by converting vegetable oils into solids.

Partially hydrogenated oils are the dietary source of trans fats, and make the list of ingredients on many food labels. Trans fats were supposed to have been eliminated from processed foods as of 2018, but because the processed food manufacturers can manipulate serving sizes, you need to check your ingredient labels to find out of partially hydrogenated oils are included.

Trans fats raise your bad LDL cholesterol levels while at the same time lowering the good cholesterol, HDL. These fats increase risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Foods That May Have Trans Fats

  • Think industrial food made in a factory, and it is likely to have trans fats, so you should always check labels.
  • Fried foods, like doughnuts (darn… I love doughnuts!)
  • Pies, cakes, cookies
  • Margarine and other artificial spreads

Labels can list trans fat content as 0 when there is less than 0.5 grams per serving. Again, it is important to look for partially hydrogenated oils on the list of ingredients. 

Wheat Based Products

This one is sure to ruffle some feathers, but make no mistake; wheat is not good for you. At least not today’s wheat, which is largely GMO and has been hybridized to be higher in gluten content. In particular, wheat contains both high amounts of carbs as well as a unique kind of carbohydrate not found in other foods, known as amylopectin-A. These keep blood sugar levels higher and also speed up aging via AGE (advanced glycation end products). And yes, wheat based products are notorious for producing more of these AGE compounds.

Vegetable Oils

Though these are purported to be good since they are from vegetables, the truth is that these types of oils, such as corn and canola oils, have undergone thorough processing and refinement, using many toxic chemicals such as hexane in the process. The result is polyunsaturated fats that are heavily prone to oxidation, which they undergo upon consumption. The result is an increase in inflammatory processes within the body, speeding up aging and decline in health. Instead, use avocado, olive oils and coconut varieties.

Pastries, Sweets, Cookies, etc.

Of the 7 Foods that accelerate aging, I find these the most tempting! Pastries are too often consumed for breakfast or snacks owing to their ease of consumption and ability to be carried on the go. Pastries, which I love, are unfortunately the perfect storm of health sapping nutrients. They contain both high quantities of saturated fats, trans fats, and sugars that are sure to speed up your body’s natural oxidative processes. They make you older and sicker, and they make you fat, which only accelerates the aging process. There’s no way around it believe me, I’ve tried. You must ditch sweets from your diet or at the very least rarely eat them; save them for limited and special occasions.

Salty Foods7 Foods That Accelerate Aging

Yes, we all use salt in our diets to make foods more appetizing, but often we go way beyond what is necessary or healthy for our bodies. The FDA recommends healthy adults consume no more than 2,300 milligrams daily, and this is an upper limit. The average consumption in the US is 3400 milligrams of salt per person per day.

Sodium has a dehydrating effect on your body, making you excrete excessive water in a bid to normalize electrolyte levels. In addition, excess sodium intake can compromise kidney health, causing accumulation of toxic waste material, and can even interfere with normal bone metabolic processes.

High sodium intake also causes high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart disease.


In recent years, the possible health benefits of a glass of red wine daily have been making the rounds. The challenge with this habit comes down to quantity. This is because many people do not have one glass per day, and instead opt for 3, 5 or 10. This is where things get bad, as alcohol taxes your liver. When this happens, your liver is unable to process real toxins, since it is overwhelmed by processing the aldehydes from the alcohol. Alcohol also has a pronounced effect on elastin and collagen in skin, making it appear listless and saggy.

When alcohol is not moderated, it causes a variety of chronic conditions that not only affects aging, but also can result in premature death.

If anything on this list of 7 foods That accelerate aging rings true with you, just know you can moderate your intake or choice to ingest these foods. Your body is remarkably capable of regenerating and restoring your wellness when you decide to make new choices to support your present and future good health.

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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