Today is National Food Day

National Food DayDid you know today is National Food Day?

Perfect! Today is National Food Day…right up my alley, as they say.  I didn’t used to be a foodie.  Eating was necessary, but I didn’t really eat with enthusiasm.  I didn’t realize I just didn’t like the foods I was raised on.  Steak, white rice and potatoes and vegetables boiled until they were gray…  My mom was a terrific baker, but the cultural background and the food she and my father were raised on in very waspy cultures just didn’t work for me.

I admit to being a strange kid food-wise.  Hated steak and peanut butter and loved liver and spinach…go figure…

Today, with how I cook for our Thin Strong Healthy eating style is very different, and I love how we eat.  Now I look forward to cooking and eating and have to be mindful of the portions I consume!

If I had to nail down how we eat as a cultural style, I would say it’s mostly Mediterranean.  Lots of fresh vegetables; when they are cooked, they are baked, broiled or lightly sautéed.  Mostly we eat a pescatarean diet.  I’ve never liked meat.  I missed a lot of Walt Disney on Sunday evenings because I wouldn’t eat my steak.  Later on I would take my portion and put it back in a skillet and cook it until it was unrecognizable as meat.

Condiments played a big part in my diet then.  Ham meant tons of mustard; lamb was accompanied by ketchup as were steak and pork; pot roast was for horse radish.  You get the picture.   I ate poultry until about 4 years ago when the factory farming issues just put me off, and even eating the humanely raised poultry didn’t work for me anymore.

I’ve tried eating a strictly vegetarian diet, which I enjoy, but I know I wasn’t doing it quite right to get the necessary protein.  I may revisit that in the future and try again.

I’m not saying you’re wrong if you like to eat meat, just saying I never did.  Not the flavor, nor the texture…and as I became aware of animal welfare, it really put me off.

I hope you’ll visit and check out the recipes there.   I’m always adding more, and they’re there for you to copy.

I’ll begin teaching a course, “8 Weeks New You” based on my food and eating philosophy beginning in November.  If you’d like to take a look, visit my new website for it,

What I’d like to see is not just Nation Food Day; I’d like to see a National Healthy Food Day!  Maybe I’ll put that one up on their calendar.  Watch for it…

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC




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