Meal Delivery Service – is it a good option for you?

Meal Delivery Service

What is a meal delivery service and is it a good choice for you?  I know we’re all busy.  I know we all get overstressed and overtired.  Meal delivery services have become very popular of late, and if you’re trying to go from a fast food diet to a healthier life style, a meal delivery service may be a good tool for you to use…at least in the beginning.

Because my followers ask me about these services, I’ve taken the time to get a good look at several of them.  They vary in offerings, food styles and quality of ingredients.  Some offer organic ingredients; some offer gluten free menus.  I’ve noticed though that even the ones who offer more drilled down options still don’t vet for the details of truly healthy eating.

For instance, one company offers a meal using tuna;  for this to be a good choice for you, I would like to be assured you understand that because of the high mercury content in tuna, it’s ok to eat it only occasionally.  Another service offers a tilapia dish.  All tilapia is farm raised, and if you know anything about farmed raised fish, it’s not a healthy choice for you or your family.

I probably sound like a tough cookie to you, but understand where I come from.  Changing how I eat got me to enjoy living without the chronic depression that had plagued me for decades… for most of my adult life!  Yes, I am pretty tough for myself and for you.  My job is to help you understand your food choices and how they affect you.  The choices you then make are your own and are made without judgment from me.  I just want you to be able to make informed decisions about what you feed your mind and your body.

Let’s talk about cost.  A meal delivery service is more expensive than going to the grocery store and buying the ingredients yourself; it just is.  That has been documented many times; in fact, depending on the meal service, it can cost up to twice as much as a visit to the store.  On the other hand, you need to factor in the time it takes you to make that trip and whether you’re confident choosing ingredients and making dishes on your own.  If you’re just getting started as a healthy cook, a service may be a good solution or maybe a temporary way to get you started cooking on your own.

Let’s talk about restaurant food. So many people eat out all the time.  The cost of a meal out is certainly going to eclipse the cost of a meal delivery service.  Additionally, you have some control over your ingredients with a meal service and really no control over a meal eaten out.

Eating well is so simple it’s become complicated in our complicated world.  If you understand a few basic tenants of healthy eating, a meal delivery service can be a useful tool in helping you prepare good meals cooked at home.  Here’s a recipe that sounds delicious if you’re thinking of trying a meal prep service…Risotto with Shrimp and Peas!

We’ll go into a few of these services in another post.

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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