SAD or depression? Do you know what the difference is?

winterblues-sharp-image-from-marcus-for-widget-jan-2017SAD or Depression?

Many of us who struggle with depression wonder if we are truly dealing with SAD or depression.

There is a difference.  With depression, many aspects of our lives can be affected.  They included sleep patterns, inability to sleep, changes in eating patterns and habits, disinterest in things that you used to enjoy and so on.  But, what is SAD?

Sadness can be a normal part of life, and people who are not depressed are sad from time to time.  We are not all happy every day.  Sadness can be triggered by a life event or tragedy such as death, divorce, job loss and so on.

Depression can also be event driven.  Personally, I know now that while I was someone who struggled with depression for decades, my deeper bouts with it were event driven.  Most often caused by a death in the family.

Others are affected by the changing of the seasons.  Called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, this can make many dread the onset of fall, then winter, shorter days and more darkness.

How do you know if you are depressed or simply affected by SAD…or both?

I’ve put together a FREE REPORT which you can grab on the right hand side of  In it is a test to help you determine if you may be dealing with a real bout of clinical depression.  Also in this FREE REPORT are quite a few easy to put into place suggestions to lighten your mood if you’re dealing with SAD, some of which I have personally used in the past.

Even if you are only moderately affected during the darker months, don’t you want to feel your best no matter what the season or time of year?

Check it out and let me know if you try and like some of the suggestions in the report.

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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