New Year Resolutions

What are Your New Year Resolutions? What are Your New Year Resolutions? 

What are your New Year Resolutions?  Are they the same ones that you’ve made in past years?  Is one of them to lose weight?

What if you could actually realize that one resolution that would allow you to change your health, your mental state and clarity and your future wellbeing in general?

You can do this once and for all!  You don’t have to diet.  In fact, I want you to commit to never diet again.

You don’t need to weigh in every week.

You don’t need to buy food that is delivered to your door.

One popular program advertises, If you’re not up for cooking, head to the grocery store. You can purchase packaged… products ranging from breakfast sandwiches and cereal, to mini cheeseburgers and ice cream treats. Cost varies based on where you live and where you’re shopping.”

What I’m describing is not a temporary fix; it’s a way of life.  It’s not deprivation; it’s liberation!  It’s about food that tastes good; it’s about learning to eat differently and about being reborn into a new dimension of awareness that you truly are what you eat.

Let me back up a bit and explain what drives my writing today. ..I have a friend I saw over the holidays.  She looked fantastic and had lost quite a bit of weight.

I asked her how she did it. She told me she did it with a well know weight loss program (that shall remain nameless here).  I was thrilled for her and sad at the same time.

She doesn’t realize it yet, but she can’t live her life on this weight loss program.  It’s a temporary fix.  Maintaining a healthy weight is not about subscribing to a diet program or buying their food.  It’s about learning how to eat to support your long term health; to turn back the clock, if you will, on your sugar levels, your bad cholesterol; on the damage you’ve done to yourself with processed food because you just didn’t know what it was doing to you.

The mainstream big processed food companies don’t want you to know this, but they’ve got you in the cue and right where they want you.  You’re addicted to their ‘food” that’s loaded with sugar, salt, trans fats and processed empty calories that put weight on you with relentless consistency.  The health insurance companies, hospitals and many mainstream (allopathic) doctors are rubbing their hands together just knowing your health is on the decline whether you know it yet or not.

I watch people in the grocery stores riding in their electric carts because they’re too heavy or too sick to walk.  Sugary soft drinks, cookies and chips are in their carts, and they don’t know they’re killing themselves with their food addictions.

I know.  Not because I was seriously overweight, but because I was chronically depressed for most of my adult life.  I changed how I ate and gave myself a new life in mid-life.  I did lose weight without dieting however, and it gave me the awareness of how much you can change your weight and your mental health just by changing how you eat.

When I made this miraculous change, I didn’t eat terrible food; I wasn’t deprived.  I could still eat the things I used to love…just not all the time.

I struggle with how to share this with you.  I want you to lose weight, heal yourselves, and be happier.

I believe you want this for yourselves…why wouldn’t you?  Is your desire for junk food stronger than your desire to feel well and be healthy? You can break the cycle of addiction, and believe me because I know; the end result is worth the effort.

I know the way because I’ve lived it.  I can teach you how if you’re willing to give it a chance.

I’m working on creating community to which you will be able to belong.  It will give you the ability to be supported in changing how you eat to change your life.  There will be information and instruction that will guide you to a new, healthier, simpler way of eating.

You will have the opportunity to lose weight without dieting ever again; you will have the chance to be happier, to have a more even mood in your daily life.

This is not about being skinny.  It’s about allowing your body to find its perfect weight.  Thin people are not necessarily healthier than other people who may be a bit heavier.  I’m not telling you that you need to be skinny.

What you need to do is to eat real food, not heavily processed food that has very little nutritional value.  While this may sound so simple, in our world with our processed food supply, it can be challenging.

This is a lengthy subject; one that will take some time to share and to be absorbed by those for whom this is a new way of eating and of thinking.  A lot of this is mind-based.  We’ll get through this together.

I didn’t just learn it; I lived it, and I can help you live it, too!

Please listen, learn and revel in the you that you can become. Make this one of the New Year Resolutions you keep!

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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