Get Your Eating Back on Track

Get Your Eating Back on TrackGet Your Eating Back on Track

Are you feeling challenged to get your eating back on track? I know I have been, so I decided to share my thoughts on the subject with you. It’s not that I’m doing the fast food drive through, but I know I’m eating more chips and bread and cheese lately. These are foods (especially the gluten and dairy) that don’t help me feel well or think clearly. Lately, thinking clearly and being productive have been challenging. Could be stressers like Covid, the news, politics; maybe so, but I’ve been doing this healthy eating stuff long enough to know to step back and look at my food intake when I’m not feeling my best, most productive, positive self.

I also realize that lately, I’ve been eating even when I’m not hungry. That’s something I don’t usually do. Truthfully, when I’m getting something to eat, I acknowledge to myself I’m not hungry and eat anyway.

The real issue for many of us, and I hear this all the time from my followers, is how to get your eating back on track. I’d like to offer several ideas, and I assure you I will be taking my own advice.

First, don’t beat yourself up for what you’ve been eating that may not serve your good health. Doing that doesn’t help anything. I always say if you’re going to eat it, enjoy every bite. If you do a guilt trip on yourself, you’re more likely to get into the mindset that you’ve screwed up, you’re a failure, why do you bother to try to eat right and so on. Don’t do that to yourself. You can always course correct; we do it all the time in many aspects of our lives.

Second, know and believe you have the ability to get your eating back on track. A couple of things I do are to step back and look at how productive I’m being, how clearly I’m thinking and how my patience and emotions have been. Personally, I find when I eat well, I’m more patient, I feel great, I’m positive about today and tomorrow, I get a ton of stuff done and I have amazing energy. When I’m not eating so well, my mood, energy, focus and productivity suffer. Just acknowledging this to myself helps pull me back to eating really well.

Remember to embrace feeling a little hungry. Once you get used to that feeling and having a good association around it, you’ll be amazed at how that one thought process will help you get your eating under control. Usually that feeling of being a little hungry feels good to me, but lately I’ve just been grazing at random with no particular plan for eating.

I want to spend some time talking about brain health too. Did you know gluten is considered to be a contributor to diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.? It is believed to contribute to the development of amyloid plaque found in the brains in deceased Alzheimer’s patients. The challenge is that gluten tastes so darn good, and it makes us feel good – at least at first. That pulley texture of gluten bread is hard to resist. Bread is such a feel good food, isn’t it? Did you know gluten is addictive? Did you also know when you begin to read your labels, you will find it in soup and many other foods you wouldn’t expect to contain it, hand cream, shampoos and conditioners and so on. Check what you’re eating and the products you’re using for gluten in the ingredients labels.

Lastly, I want you to embrace knowing you can begin to feel much better in just a few days of getting your eating back on track. You’ll be happier with yourself for one thing. Reducing or eliminating junk food, gluten and sugary foods and switching them out for salads, a snack of carrots and hummus or an apple and almond butter will go far to helping you feel better physically and mentally.

Give it a try. I’ll be right there with you course-correcting and moving forward!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

I’m author, health coach, and entrepreneur Cheryl A Major, and I would love to connect with you! If you’re new to the world of creating better health, both mental and physical for yourself, please check out my training on how to get gluten out of your diet. Becoming Gluten Free Me is where to check it out. Learn how gluten affects us and how to go about reducing or eliminating it from your diet. You don’t have to suffer with Celiac Disease to benefit from getting gluten out of your life!

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  1. I find that when I binge, I feel cranky and out of sorts, but if I am sticking to more nutritious foods my energy level is much higher. Protein such as eggs, peanut butter, and string cheese are my favorites and if you buy the light string cheese it is only 45 calories a stick.

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