Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Metabolic Syndrome

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Metabolic Syndrome

One thing to realize about any health condition is that even though our bodies seem the same, everyone is different. Because of this, medications and diet affect everyone differently. Here are some questions to ask your doctor about Metabolic Syndrome. Be sure to also ask specific questions about your case as they arise.

1. What Are the Complications of Metabolic Syndrome? – Everyone is at risk for different types of consequences and complications from metabolic syndrome. They could range from heart disease to diabetes to stroke.

2. Are There Any Genetic Influences for Me That I Should Be Concerned About? – Each family is different, so you’ll likely need to find out about your family history. You might look at illnesses like stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease to determine if there is a genetic component. You can learn how to help your children prevent future problems by using diet and exercise too.

3. Is My Weight a Factor in My Condition? – Asking about weight is a good place to start if you know you’re overweight as approximately 60% of obese individuals in the USA have metabolic syndrome. If you’re not overweight, it’s likely not a factor for you, but that doesn’t mean your diet isn’t an issue; improving that will always improve your health.

4. Can You Recommend Any Support Groups to Help Me? – Ask if your doctor or health care provider knows about local groups that will help and support you. Remember you can also find help online if you don’t want to go in person.

5. What Are the Warning Signs of Heart Disease? – Asking your doctor to clarify any warning signs that you may have for heart disease and how to combat them is a good thing to do, because it addresses one of the major illnesses associated with metabolic syndrome. The symptoms can be very different for everyone.

6. What Are the Warning Signs of Diabetes? – If you’re not sure about your symptoms, asking about the warning signs to be aware of is a good way to help manage your risk of developing diabetes. Urinating a lot, drinking a lot and feeling a lack of energy should be brought up regardless of test results.

7. What Are Some Ways to Lower My Blood Pressure? – Your doctor may want to prescribe medication but also ask about natural ways to lower your blood pressure like meditation, walking and even coloring.

8. I’m Confused about Cholesterol; Can You Explain It? – Cholesterol is confusing because they’re always changing the criteria about what is considered a good level. Gaining an understanding of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and how it relates to diet and illness can help.

9. What Are the Ways I Can Prevent Stroke? – Knowing not only the signs of stroke but also how to prevent them is a good thing. Ask your doctor what she recommends. This is important because she is most aware of your situation and should be able to offer advice and direction to help you eat right and move more!

The best thing to do is to write down the questions to ask your doctor about Metabolic Syndrome. Make a list as you will likely forget while you’re in the office because you’ll feel rushed or nervous. If you write down the questions, you can note the answers they give so you don’t forget anything that is causing you concern.

We are all a work in progress, and good health is a life long journey and a learning experience.

Enjoy the journey!

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