Inflammation and Positive Mindset

Inflammation and Positive MindsetInflammation and Positive Mindset

These days my head swirls with thoughts that are scattered and sometime chaotic; full of fear and full of hope. Some days are better than others, and frankly, some hours are better than others. The words inflammation and positive mindset keep coming up for me.

I fear for younger relatives over whom I hold no sway who are taking chances, feeling like they are invincible and putting themselves and others at great risk.

History has taught us that every “bad” period is not bad and a disaster for everyone. Some people find their way during these times and thrive; I am determined to be among them. How about you?

Are you waiting for something to happen in your world; for a sign, a directive, for inspiration? Or, are you “out there” reading online and learning; seeking inspiration and a new direction for your life?

For me, the past few years have been about learning and understanding how I “disappeared” my own decades long struggle with chronic depression. I wrote and published a book about it in 2018, “Eat Your Blues Away” in which I documented my journey and honestly admitted I was on and off antidepressant meds many times during my life. What I didn’t realize at the time was that two very big factors in my recovery were at play.  The first was inflammation, and the second was my mindset. I want to share a little bit about inflammation and positive mindset with you today.

When I published my book, I had just begun to learn and understand inflammation and the effect chronic inflammation has on our brains and on our bodies. There are two kinds of inflammation by the way. Acute inflammation is the inflammation that saves your life when you injure yourself or get an infection. Chronic inflammation is the slow burn you live with constantly and that eventually brings on chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and yes, even depression. Chronic inflammation is also the factor that increases your risk of not surviving Covid-19 as the disease amps up your inflammation to the max. If you are already on a low or medium burn, the inflammation brought on by your immune system when your body is fighting Covid-19 can be deadly.

I have become a dedicated teacher of controlling and reducing chronic inflammation. There are simple things you can do that will transform your life and perhaps even save it. The first month of my soon to be released membership site focuses on strengthening your immunity which is key to reducing inflammation.

I mentioned earlier the second factor in my recovery was mindset. As a child, I learned from my father to look for the sadness in life rather than the joy. He experienced unspeakable tragedies in his life that are not mine to share, but suffice to say they colored his view of the world. Also suffice to say, I was a good student and absorbed what he shared and taught both directly and indirectly.

As part of my ongoing recovery from chronic depression, I work every day to feed my head positive stuff. Reading motivational books and articles, hanging onto quotes that resonate with me and celebrating even the smallest of “wins” is so important now. I check in with every morning for a positive quote. You may enjoy doing this too.

I believe we can make this time important for our lives going forward; it takes determination and discipline. What do you do every day to keep yourself positive?

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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