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Food, Mindset and Transformation

I want to talk about food, mindset and transformation. I have long avoided the subject about which I probably am the most informed and the most able to share life changing information. It’s about depression, and I’ve avoided it because well, it’s just too depressing.

My friend, Pam Hamilton and I decided to have a cross-blog conversation to help you with food, mindset and transformation. Pam’s done a lot of important work with mindset and has really good information to share! She knows if you change your mindset, it will change your life, so read on. I’ll share more about Pam in a bit.

The truth is that after 10 years of no depression (I dumped the antidepressants, changed what I eat, and it was life-changing!), I found myself flirting with depression again.

I never thought I would find myself here again. Hey! I’m the one who wrote “Eat Your Blues Away”. This can’t be happening to me again.

It was a dark place where I used to live, and I didn’t want to be there again. Once I admitted what was going on, it got better. I was able to take a look at everything and take some action to help myself. A couple of people suggested maybe it was time for antidepressants, but I’d been down that road, and it wasn’t the answer for me then. I know it’s not the answer for me now.

This post is supposed to be about food and overall health and about how they affect mindset. I took a look at what I was doing in my daily life and came up with these points. I was getting good exercise; I’ve focused on becoming more active in the past year, so that wasn’t an issue. I looked at my diet, and I was really surprised at what I had allowed to creep into my daily food intake.

Eating foods every day or several times a week I know don’t help my mental health and mood was not a great choice. I know that was what was taunting me with a possible return to depression. Food, mindset and transformation were not top of mind.

I’m not really allergic to any food, but I am very sensitive to some of them. Sensitive to the extent I realized several years ago they were causing inflammation in my body which was then telegraphing to my brain that I was living with an increased level of inflammation. Clearly, I had done this for most of my life; since I was twelve years old.

If this sounds a little far-fetched, I don’t blame you. It took me a few years after I “disappeared” my depression to realize the mechanics of what had happened. It works like this: we’ve all had a stomachache at one time or another, so you know when your stomach is upset, not happy, inflamed…whatever term you want to use.

Relative to your brain, your brain doesn’t get a brainache. I know you get headaches, but that’s different for the most part; vascular, hormonal or something else. I’m talking about the brain gut connection here. Your gut and your brain are connected by the vagus nerve, and that massive nerve telegraphs from your gut to your brain.

In my case, the food I was eating that I was sensitive to created inflammation in my body. My gut telegraphed my inflammation updates to my brain and, for me, it manifested as depression.

I know I mentioned I became depressed at the age of 12. It was a pretty challenging life for decades, hiding or trying to hide my depression from the world. It affected my confidence and my self-esteem. I pretty much didn’t have any of either except that which I pretended to have. Fooling the world is exhausting. It’s a ton of work, and it makes life hard; really, really hard. It steals the joy you should be living.

Once you realize everything is connected, you understand the affect food has on your mood, your overall health, your energy…on your mindset. With that information, you can begin to create a diet that eliminates or adjusts the foods that are amping up the inflammation in your body and most probably causing your depression.

It’s not hard to improve your mindset. In most cases, some simple changes to your diet will probably help immensely. In my next post, I’ll share some simple tips you can assimilate into your own diet to see if you too can experience a significant change in your mood and your mindset.

You can read Pam’s side of this conversation on her blog here: “Dump the Resolutions, Let’s Talk Transformation: Food, Movement & Mindset – Your Keys to a Super Fabulous New Year!”

While you’re at it, please pick up her free Visibility Journal. Dare to be seen and create wonder for yourself this year!

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