Eggs and joint pain…could it be the eggs???…

Eggs and joint pain…could it be the eggs…oh no!

I love eggs…as an adult, that is.  As a child, not so much.  I liked the white, but the yolk was too heavy and strong tasting for my liking.

With this journey of changing how I eat, one of the biggest challenges has been what kind of protein to have for breakfast to keep everything balanced.  How much smoked salmon can one person eat? And I haven’t eaten meat in almost 30 years.

Dairy is no longer on the menu which nixes yogurt, cheese and milk, so in recent weeks or months (I forget how long it’s been), I’ve been eating two eggs for breakfast nearly every morning.Mmmm...two poached eggs for breakfast

And now for a side story.  Back in the middle of September I had to have surgery on my left middle finger.  Yes it was in a splint, and yes, there were jokes, or for this blog…yokes…  That finger is still painful around the top joint which I guess is not that surprising.  Funny thing was, I noticed in the past couple of weeks that my other finger joints are also stiff and more than a little achy.  This struck me as odd, as I’ve never had issues with joint pain before.

I thought it would pass, but it’s just been hanging in there.  So…yesterday, I did “the google” about eggs and joint pain.  I love the internet!  It turns out that eggs are associated with joint pain!  I think what I did was push my egg tolerance over the top as they have not bothered me in the past; but I also haven’t eaten at least two eggs almost every single day!

As an experiment, I had smoked salmon for breakfast yesterday; no eggs at all.  By last night I noticed my finger joints, except for the one that had the surgery were not bothering me nearly as much.  I have a hard time believing that 24 hours could make such a difference, but there you have it.

Eggs and Joint Pain - Is There a Connection?

I know JJ Virgin has eggs on her list of 7 things to eliminate immediately from your diet.  I pooh-poohed it, but maybe she’s right.  Her book is very interesting, and we’ve used a lot of the tips, information and recipes we found there.  In fact, the book would make a great holiday gift for someone you love or, for goodness sake, treat yourself!

More about my adventure with eggs as I try to figure out if I am over-doing it and if there is a connection for me between eggs and joint discomfort.  It would be good to know, and I will pass it on as soon as I am a little farther into my eggless journey.

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Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major

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