Healthy Eating Resolutions

Healthy Eating Resolutions and Why They Don’t Last Long…

Healthy eating resolutions, and especially New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition for many of us. One of the most popular resolutions is to decide to eat healthier. Many people find their good intentions don’t last very long though, and they give up their healthy eating goals in just a few weeks. Why is this so common?

One of the main reasons people give up on healthy eating is because they try to make too many changes at once. When people decide to eat healthier, they often try to do it all at the same time and begin by cutting out all of their favorite foods, or by drastically reducing their calorie intake. This can be overwhelming and can make it difficult to stick to the new eating plan once you find you really hate what you’re trying to make yourself do.

Another reason people give up on healthy eating resolutions is because they don’t see results quickly enough. Most of us are not patient especially with ourselves. Many people expect to lose weight or improve their health immediately after making changes to their diet. The fact is it can take weeks or even months for changes in diet to have an impact on a person’s health. This can be frustrating and can make it difficult to stay motivated. Especially if you’re someone who has dieted often and done the yo-yo lose/gain, lose/gain again and again, it can be challenging.  This is because your body thinks you’re starving when you try to lose weight again. Because it’s programmed to save you, it will hold onto that weight you’re trying so hard to lose. Patience and time will win out though. Eventually the weight will begin to come off.

Another reason people give up on healthy eating is due to lack of support. Eating healthy isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, and it can be difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan when surrounded by friends and family who are not supportive of the changes you’re making. This can be especially true if the people around you are not making the same changes to their diet.

Another reason people give up on healthy eating is because of lack of knowledge. Many people just don’t know what foods to eat, how much to eat, or how to cook healthy meals. This makes it difficult to make healthy choices, and often leads to feelings of confusion and frustration.

Finally, one of the main reasons people give up on healthy eating is because they make it a temporary diet instead of a sustainable long term lifestyle change. Many people approach healthy eating as a temporary fix. They don’t consider how they will maintain the new eating habits once the initial excitement has worn off. Making slow changes one thing at a time is a much better route to the desired end result of sustained healthier eating.

Giving up on healthy eating resolutions is a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be. By making small changes, setting realistic goals, seeking support, gaining knowledge and making it a sustainable lifestyle change instead of a temporary diet, people will enjoy greater success in sticking to their healthy eating resolutions. It’s best to remember healthy eating is not about perfection, it’s about progress. It’s important to celebrate small wins and be kind to yourself when slip-ups happen. Just get back on track!

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