Eating Healthy Food… Sometimes the Journey is not Linear

Eating Healthy Food… Sometimes the Journey is not Linear

Ok, ok… I admit it.  Once in a while I fall off the wagon.  The eating healthy food wagon that is.

Yesterday I baked a cake for our friend Stubbs.  His real name is Steve, but we call him Stubbs… long story that goes back about 45 years, I am told.  Stubbs was a childhood friend of my husband, Rob, and has become a regular on Thursday nights when he comes over for dinner and brings a terrific bottle of wine (‘cause Stubbs knows wine!). Rob and Stubbs play guitars, and the three of us sing our hearts out after dinner.  Rob and Stubbs have played guitar together since they were teenagers, Rob writes great original songs and I was a professional singer in a former life, so we belt out a few tunes and have some fun.

Stubbs’ birthday is the 17th of June, but Rob always thinks it’s the same as Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday, which is the 18th of June.  In other words, Rob missed Stubbs’ birthday.  Although Rob apologized, Stubbs’ list of demands for penance was long and included things that weren’t about to happen… ever, like a rib eye steak for dinner last night.  Last on his list of demands was a chocolate I used to make that we all loved.  I decided to break out the white flour and sugar and bake a cake for our dear friend.

It looked incredible, and Rob was horrified that I informed him I fully intended to have a piece.

Hey, I’m not perfect, although I try…

The cake, although really good, was not as good as I remembered.  I had changed a few things.  The Traditional Chocolate Cake is Not Part of Eating Healthy Foodfat free sour cream was now fully fatted, the promise light was now real butter, and the egg whites or egg beaters were real whole eggs.  I’m not sure if these changes or the changes in my taste buds were the difference, but it still tasted pretty good, and I had a really big piece of it.  Hey… I may not stray again until the holidays are upon us.

Fast forward to today, and I was impatient, angered easily and kind of generally in a bad mood.  Not lovin’ work, and just not my new, recent upbeat, positive self.  Duh…

I think I love the memory of that chocolate cake, but not how it makes me feel.

I wish I could convey to those of you who are still eating widely and/or still struggling with depression, anxiety and excess weight what a difference eating healthy food can make in your life. All I can do is to continue sharing my personal experiences, challenges and victories and hope it helps you find your path to better health and a happier you!

As odd as it may sound, I am grateful for how badly I felt today, because it reminded me of how much better I feel and how much better my life is in general now that I’m eating “clean”.

Changing how you eat is not a linear route, but a journey.  The important part is to begin.

Make Major Improvements in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl A Major



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