Three Steps to a Better Body Image

Three Steps to a Better Body Image

A positive body image is an important element of a satisfying and rewarding life. Your body image impacts your self-esteem. It affects how you relate to other people and the risks you are willing to take both personally and professionally. If you feel badly about your appearance, it’s time to take some steps to improve your body image. You are a beautiful person, and it’s high time you believed that.

1. Take One Small Step to Take Care of Your Body

This discussion isn’t about losing weight or starting an exercise program. It’s about taking steps to appreciate your body and to develop a better body image. Find one small thing you can do to make yourself feel good in your own skin Choose water instead of soda to help with a better body imageand proud of your body. Maybe you begin drinking water instead of soda. Maybe you take five minutes each morning to stretch.

Perhaps you go to the doctor for that check-up you’ve been putting off, or maybe you treat yourself to a massage. Whatever you choose, make it something that’s easy for you to do and that makes you feel connected to your body. When you start taking better care of your body, you begin to learn to appreciate it. One small step can lead to a larger lifestyle change and to a more positive body image.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive Support

Body image messages come from the people in your life and from the media that you consume. If your friends and family are critical of you, of themselves and of others, it can rub off on you. You may also compare yourself to others more often than is healthy.

If you watch television and read magazines, you’re inundated with unrealistic body images. Remember, many of these people make unhealthy choices in order to look the way they do… choices that do not serve them well in the long term. Consider choosing media and people that support a positive body image. Find role models and take steps to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

3. Choose Clothing That Flatters You

You undoubtedly have features that are attractive. If the clothing you choose doesn’t fit well or doesn’t enhance your best assets, you may feel negative about your body. Find clothing that is flattering to your shape and that makes you feel attractive and proud.

Here’s an example… if you have a lovely neckline then wear V-neck shirts and blouses. Draw choose clothing that enhances your body imageattention to your best physical assets. If you have stunning blue eyes then wear clothing that brings out the color of your eyes. Make the clothing you buy work for you.

These are just a few tips you can put into practice to begin developing a better body image. Each step you take to feel better and more realistic about how you look is an important one. Choose just one of these tips right now, and get started today.

Make Major Improvements in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl A Major




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