Discipline and Healthy Eating…Get on the Healthy Eating Bus!

Discipline and healthy eating

Healthy eating is truly so simple that in our society, with the “food” choices that are easily available to us, it can be challenging and can require self discipline.

The fast food we can grab on the go does not serve our long term health, and there are many nuances to the foods that appear healthy that we must learn and consider when making choices as to what to put in our bodies.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and she was saying how wonderful it is that different aspects of our bodies recreate and regenerate themselves constantly. In theory, over a period of time, parts of our bodies have the opportunity to be new again.  That leads me to make the assumption that we have some control over how our bodies are renewed by what we put in our bodies.  I find that to be very empowering!

So many people I talk to go on and off healthy eating like getting on and off a bus. They jump on all excited to make changes in how they eat and feel, lose weight, etc.  Then life gets giant cookie_Sayuri Missin the way…whether it’s not enough time to plan and prepare healthy food, the lunch meeting at the office with pizza, salad and chocolate chip cookies the size of training wheels, we come up against challenges.  How we answer these challenges determines our path going forward.  Sometimes the answer is to just say “no thanks”, sometimes it may be to have a small piece of pizza and some salad but skip the giant cookie.  Ideally, the answer is to plan ahead and bring your food.  That’s a discussion for another blog post or three.

I have a friend who told me she tries to eat healthy, gets busy and doesn’t plan, gets hungry and eats badly and then gets disgusted with herself and just completely gives up trying to eat well.

The key, I believe, to changing how you eat and changing how you feel, is to soldier on. Once you sign up to ride the healthy eating bus, for your own good you need to make it a one-way ticket.  You also need to consider yourself and your nutrition journey a work in progress.  You’re on a mission to change life-long habits, and that will take some doing and some commitment.  Like anything worth doing, it takes time to make changes become new habits. I promise, it will be so worth it.

I challenge you to step and buy your one-way ticket on the healthy eating bus!

You are what you eat…so jump on the Healthy Eating Bus!

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl Major

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