Depression and the Fall Season

Depression and the Fall Season

Does Fall Make You Depressed? Fall always made me more depressed than usual. Maybe it was the shadows or the shortening of the daylight.  I live in New England, so everything freezes and dies.  I don’t know…but I always lived in dread of the approaching fall season.

I began writing a book last fall (which I am getting closer to completing finally) about how I cured my depression by changing how I eat. I wanted to see how I did again this fall.  Was last year just a wonderfully aberrant year, or had I really conquered the worst time for my depression by changing my eating habits?

We’re now into fall, and although fall officially began only yesterday, it’s felt like fall for a while fall treesnow. It’s colder sooner than I had expected or had hoped for.  The leaves are changing color, giving us beautiful shades of reds, gold and fire orange.  Once again, I am enjoying this season.  I have not been dreading it.  I almost welcome the change because of its interesting differences from a hot, wonderful summer.

I look for and find the beauty and the happiness in the world around me instead of seeking and never failing to find the sadness.

I am encouraged by this, and it makes me more determined to share my message about eating whole, unprocessed foods. I’m studying for a certificate in nutrition and fitness so my message will have more credibility.  That’s been like going back to college, and has stretched me to learn new and complex information…which is honestly sometimes easier to do than others.  I will do it however.

I had tried everything to tame my depression…anti-depressants, light therapy, St. John’s Wort, SAMe (which was the most effective)…but nothing transformed me the way changing my eating habits did. I tossed out or gave away a ton of food.  Everything prepared, in a box, frozen and ready to microwave went.  In fact, the microwave went, too!

It’s an ongoing journey, but I wouldn’t change and turn back for all the Big Macs in the world!

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