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Bentgo BoxesBentgo Boxes – You Want to Go Get This Now!

One of my coaching clients, who is a very smart lady, has turned me on to something I absolutely have to share with you immediately!  Bentgo boxes!

She asked me if I had heard about Bentgo boxes, and I had to confess I had not.  They are plastic, and I don’t pay any attention to plastic containers anymore unless they are bpa free because of the dangers of exposure to bpa. Just as a reminder, BPA (bisphenol A) is an endocrine-disrupting industrial chemical.  In the vernacular, that means BPA messes with your hormones.  BPA studies show it is linked to our epidemic of cancer, diabetes, obesity, infertility and brain, nervous system and cardiovascular problems and abnormalities.  Additionally, BPA exposure may cause temporary spikes in blood pressure which increases the possibility that people who already have high blood pressure may experience a heart attack!  But!..the Bentgo products are bpa free, so I immediately went to their website and checked them out.

One of the challenges with eating healthy is that you can’t be sure when you eat outside the home, what you’re getting.  With Bentgo boxes, you can easily and neatly bring your own food with you. Whether you’re heading for a plane trip, car trip or to school or work, Bentgo gives you an easy, fun, attractive way to take great food with you.

Another challenge I find people struggle with is portion control!  With a Bentgo box, you take your portion with you, so there’s no need to fight the urge to overeat!  That’s worth getting the box right there in my opinion.

These days, when I take food or a salad with me, I take it in a glass container.  It’s heavy to carry, and if I drop it, I have a mess on my hands.  There goes lunch!

Bentgo currently offers several different styles of products, but my favorite is the salad box.  The colors are fun, too.  I’m a green girl, so the green is the one I will order for sure.  I want this for daily use, and it will be so good to get home and just pop it in the dishwasher as it’s dishwasher safe on the top rack!

They have a “Fun & Healthy Salad Guide” which has the most beautiful photos of and recipes for salads you could ever imagine! Their products and reviews are really impressive and I have to share these products with you.  You can take a look at them here.

I want to know which color you order, so send me an email and fill me in!  Remember, I’ve got the green one!

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I’m Cheryl A Major, and I work with people of all ages and challenges to help them understand how and what to eat to get healthy quickly and deliciously. Download your 10 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget, and get started right away!

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