Some Additional Tips to Get Your Mind Off Those Food Cravings!

 Here are some additional tips to get your mind off those food cravings!


Munch on nuts.

Eat an ounce of nuts with two glasses of water to help you overcome your food cravings. The crunchy will satisfy your need to chew and the water will make you feel full.

Let go of stress.

Stress is a huge reason for food cravings. Learning how to reduce and deal with the daily stress in yoga_Synergy by Jasmineyour life can help you overcome food cravings. Look for different techniques like deep breathing, yoga or exercising that will help control and reduce stress.

Take a power nap.

Are you tired? Food cravings often become strong when we’re fatigued. Take a quick power nap to re-energize.

Keep your hands and mind busy.

Food cravings can be triggered by boredom. Find activities to keep your hands and your mind busy.  Hand work like knitting is one of my favorites.  It’s hard to put your hands in the greasy bag of chips when you’re working with two knitting needles and yarn!

Sniff scented oil.

Scent is a powerful sense. It can affect our emotions in many ways. Use scented oils to help you reduce anxiety, calm you or to curb your appetite.

Chew Gum.

Keeping your mouth busy with gum or even tea tree toothpicks can help reduce the desire to eat mindlessly.

Have a cup of tea.

Take a few moments to sip a cup of warm herbal or naturally decaffeinated tea. Sipping something cup of herbal tea_junxdeluxwarm has calming effect that combats cravings, and avoiding a lot of caffeine will keep your blood sugar more stable also helping to control food cravings.

Indulge – within limits.

It’s okay to indulge occasionally as long as you don’t overdo it and keep any “treat” small serving-wise. Don’t go for a whole pint of ice cream. Instead, have one small scoop at your favorite ice cream shop. Instead of buying a large box of cookies, try purchase single 100-calorie packs. That way you aren’t tempted to reach for more bags or a whole box.

Lift any bans.

If you’re eating a very limited number of calories, 1000 or less a day or are restricting entire food groups like carbs, you’re more likely to have food cravings. Plan to enjoy a smaller portion of your favorite foods. Share a slice of cake with a friend instead of the whole cake by yourself.

Eliminate habits.

Are you a creature of habit? Do you have to have pizza on movie night or dessert after every dinner? Instead, on movie night, why not fix a healthy dinner together with your family to eat while watching the movie? Instead of having dessert every evening, why not go for a walk instead?  If you must have something sweet, try a small slice or two of an orange.  That will curb your sweet food cravings, and it’s loaded with vitamin C!

The above ideas are a general guide in overcoming most food cravings. It’s really important whenever a craving hits, to ask yourself why you are craving it and what you can do instead to overcome it.  This way you will begin to understand what sets you off on a food craving path that you want to avoid.

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl Major

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