An Easy, Healthy Meal on the Run…think protein powder…

Did it ever occur to you we may be on a hit list?  Not a hit parade list, but a kill ’em off hit list?

It’s occurred to me the more I learn about fast food, the FDA, health care and MONEY!

If you think the fast food and the drug industries want you to be healthy, think again!.  There’s no profit for them in you being well; there’s no financial gain for big pharma in you healing yourself with food.

Do you really listen to the ads for drugs on TV?  I’ve been listening lately with different ears…the happy voices that tell us our skin may be clearer or our eyelashes may be longer… they cheerfully tell us that this “gain” may result in a variety of horrible results running the gamut from inability to fight infection to cancer to stroke, heart failure or death.  Frankly,  I’d rather have short eyelashes; I can live with that!

Big pharma doesn't profit from you being well!

Big pharma doesn’t profit from you being well!

Eating “clean” is admittedly more work and requires some planning than grabbing the current “not-so-happy meal”.  When you consider the alternative, I think you’ll agree, it’s time and effort well spent…plus, it gets easier once it becomes more of a habit and just the way you live and eat.

All of us need a quick fall-back plan though when we’re under the gun and need to grab something and run.  I’ve discovered a wonderful unsweetened protein powder that I’m using for breakfast smoothies (and occasionally other meals) on a regular basis.  I add kale, spinach, mushrooms, fresh fruit, coconut or almond milk, nuts and seeds, etc. to make a wonderful meal I can pour into a go-cup and run out the door.  Having something healthy with me so I’m not tempted to grab a bagel and cream cheese once I get to the office has saved me on more than one occasion!

Here’s a link for the protein powder I’ve been loving; I urge you to try it.  The report with a few starter recipes you can get on the form to the right has a wonderfully delicious and easy smoothie recipe to get you headed easily down the right path to healthy eating!

Here’s the link:

Make Your Life a Thin Strong Healthy One!

Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major






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