Subway bread maybe not so fresh?

Subway bread contains a chemical used in making rubber soles.

As if there aren’t already enough reasons to skip a “meal” at a fast food restaurant, here’s one more…and it’s a doozy!

Did you have any idea that when you’ve been swinging by Subway to “Eat Fresh”, you’ve been getting a helping of a chemical that’s used in yoga mats, the soles of shoes and other rubber products?!

Subway bread secret ingredient revealed!

It’s gross, but it’s true!! Subway bread contains a nasty chemical that behaves as a dough conditioner… azodicarbonamide.  It makes bread dough easier to work with, and so fast food restaurants like Subway, McDonald’s and others have been using it in their bread.  Prolonged exposure to this chemical has been linked to asthma.  How much asthma do we see today?  Lots more than I remember; and although it’s a topic for another blog, just a note of caution.  If you’ve been using steroid inhalers for asthma, you’d better get your bone density checked.  I have a friend who, in his 50s, has osteoporosis from using asthma inhalers for the better part of his life.  This health development only gives big pharma the opportunity to put you on another drug to “fix” your weakened bones.

But I digress…

Along with asthma risk from exposure to azodicarbonamide, there’s also risk of kidney damage.  This little factoid is in the chemical industry’s own safety data sheets and is specific to prolonged exposure to the chemical, but really?  Do you want to ingest this stuff in your Subway bread?

Subway has indicated that “The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon.”  (Should we read that as “As “soon” as we run out of the stuff”?). The company hasn’t given a date for which the chemical will be completely removed from its food products, however.  Then I guess we should read it as when they run out of the stuff…

By the way, McDonald’s is also using the chemical in their not-so-happy-meal.

The person who brought this disgusting practice to the public’s attention is Vani Hari, the founder of  She collected over 50,000 signatures on a petition that demanded Subway discontinue the use of the chemical.  Good for her!

McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants are still using azodicarbonamide in their foods and have not indicated what action they will take, if any.  Maybe they’re hoping this just goes away so they can continue to poison us slowly with their “food”.

Wake up people!  You have to take charge of your own health.  It begins with what you eat every single day, and it shouldn’t include a chemical that’s used to make rubber soles!

Subway bread shouldn't contain chemicals used to make rubber soles

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Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major



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