Healthy Living to Combat an “Off” Day

Healthy Living to Combat an “Off” Day

What to do when you’re having an “off” day.

Some days are just not fun no matter what you try to do.  Maybe work isn’t going smoothly or you have challenges in your personal life.  Sometimes you just feel off…

I’ve grown to call this feeling “chemical” because I think the balance in my brain can get out of whack relative to endorphins.

I’ve also come to realize it’s usually something I’ve done, not done or eaten that has contributed to how I’m feeling.  That’s not to minimize what’s going on, but to say I might be handling it differently or better if I were on track with eating, exercising, etc.

It seems some people are bullet-proof and can eat or do anything they want without ramifications.  While that may seem to be the case, misuse of food and a sedentary life style will most likely catch up with you.  It may take years or decades, but if you’re on that path, you’re on that path.

Getting back to the chemical thing, when I’m just feeling “off”, I’ll look back at what I’ve been eating and doing for the past few days.  I find I’m pretty sensitive to food.  I know I have sensitivity to wheat and dairy and having been diagnosed as hypoglycemic back in my 20’s, I have to watch my sugar intake.

These past few days, work and people have been getting to me quite a bit.  I have a few clients who sad woman_55Laney69are pretty difficult right now.  One is a drama queen, one is difficult because he seems to delight in being nasty and one is just a grinder and nothing seems to please her.  The rest are really nice, but these three seemed to descend on me all at once in the past few days, and I let them get to me.

I looked at how I’ve been eating, and I’ve really been doing well, so no improvement needed there.

I looked at how I’ve been exercising, and realized I’ve really fallen off the wagon with that.  A few weeks ago, our niece was married in the area, and our house was the meeting point for her, her fiancé and some of their friends.  In addition, they did a lot of the preparation for the wedding themselves here with a few friends.  Rob and I also hosted the rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant, so lots going on, and I stopped going to the gym or even walking.

Yesterday I felt so off, it drove me to stop everything and go to the gym.  I also have bad back spasms as a result of scoliosis, so my back was painful and, believe me, that doesn’t help anyone’s mood!

An hour or so at the gym; I did my back protocol, and began to feel much better.  It was a little challenging as they are completely renovating my gym, and it seems every time I go, they have moved machines I need.  It took me a while to find one of the machines that I really wanted to use, and I eventually asked someone if she knew where it was.  She helped me find it, and you know, gym_alantankenghoesometimes you meet really nice people when you ask for help.

I felt better after going to the gym; partly because it makes my back feel better, partly because exercise increases endorphins, and partly because I just felt better knowing I was back on track with something that is a positive and integral part of me feeling good.

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes you just need to step back and look at what you’re doing, reassess, and take action.

And you know… sometimes you have an off day, and you just have to wait until tomorrow.

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Cheryl A Major

Cheryl Major


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