Eating Clean… Part 2

Eating Clean

Once you’ve cleaned out your pantry, your refrigerator and your freezer, what do you replace it with?  Think colors and for goodness sake, avoid the beige processed fast foods!

Start with vibrantly colored fresh food.  Go for dark red and green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, beans, grass fed organic meat and poultry if you’re a meat eater.  Wild sustainable fish if you’re a pescatarian.  Buy as much organic as you can find or afford.

I know people try to change how they eat.  It’s a seductive world out there in the food industry.  Keep in mind, there are diabolical people whose mission it is to keep you addicted to sugar and white flour.  The world is largely run by money, not by good intentions; remember, there is no profit in you eating clean, and being healthy.  There is no financial benefit to the hospitals and big pharma (among drugs_viZZZual.comothers) to you not needing their services and their drugs.  What would happen to Eli Lilly if the masses began eating to control their blood sugar so they didn’t need diabetes drugs? What would happen to all the “diet clubs” and “diet programs” that people pay money to join so they can get their “food” delivered, ready to eat right to their door?  Are you so blind you think they are trying to help you?

What the medical profession is doing is treating symptoms, not preventing disease.  The concept of curing disease is flawed from the beginning as it assumes  you are allowing disease to occur in the first place.

My burning question is why aren’t doctors concentrating on functional and preventative medicine instead of “fighting” diseases.  It makes me crazy when these organizations raise money to fight and cure diseases.  They are concentrating and banking (literally) on your becoming sick in the first place!  What they should be doing is teaching people to live healthy lives and avoid getting sick by eating to be well in the first place!  But, really?  Where is the profit in that?


The obesity and diabetes epidemic is engineered and designed to create profit for a few at the cost of health of the masses.  You’re not the only one who craves fries or a Big Mac; and it’s not by accident. There are what I call diabolical mad scientists in their labs engineering this “food” so it is highly addictive…filling it with white flour and sweeteners.

It’s not the fault of the masses, but once people learn what is begin done to them to keep them sick and addicted, it is the responsibility of individuals to take their health into their own hands and make smart decisions to secure their health and their futures.

If you think eating healthy food is expensive, just try getting cancer or MS or diabetes and see what happens to your budget.

Change of this magnitude may not be easy, and many times, it is not linear.  The important part is to get back on the eating healthy wagon if you fall off.  Get a mentor; get an accountability partner.  Accept that you may not be perfect every day, but look for and celebrate improvement in your life.  Give up dieting; it doesn’t work.  It screams deprivation and temporary misery to your psychy.

Eating whole healthy food will start you down the path to becoming  a whole healthy person. Do something good for yourself that will serve you for years to come, and take that first step now!

Make Major Improvements in Your Life!

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl Major




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