Becoming Gluten Free

Becoming Gluten Free MeBecoming Gluten Free

So many people have concerns about how gluten affects them.  I hear from many of them, and one of the threads that comes through all the time is how confusing it all is.  They’d like to reduce or eliminate gluten, but they don’t know who or what to believe and where to begin.  To that end, I am teaching a simple two module course that will help answer questions and clear up a lot of this confusion. I call the course, “Becoming Gluten Free Me”, and I’ve designed it to help you understand and more importantly to take action!

It will begin in April, and I want you to be sure to take advantage of it. Check it out here at:

The questions answered will include:

  • How important it is to address your gluten consumption?
  • How the gluten of today is different from the gluten our great grandparents ate?
  • What if you don’t have celiac disease…is it still important or is it just a fad?
  • How does gluten affect inflammation in your body, and why is that important?

We will also focus on how to begin to reduce or eliminate gluten from your menu and what to eat instead. How to eat out and avoid gluten, how to travel and stay gluten free and how to enjoy your family get togethers at holiday time!

Getting gluten off my plate was one of the key elements to losing the chronic depression that colored my life darkly for decades.  It was also a factor in releasing twenty pounds that just disappeared without trying to lose it!

I know in the past it’s been confusing, and I also know the simple clear information and the steps I will teach you will make it crystal clear how you will benefit and what to do to make it happen quickly and easily!

I did it, and I want to help you do it too!

Don’t wait…check it out right now!

Helping You Achieve Major Wellness!


Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC










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