Eating well on vacation…it’s not as hard as you may think!

Eating well on vacation It’s one thing to go on vacation with your husband (you can eat the way you want). It’s entirely another challenge when you go on vacation with another couple who in no way eats the way you do! We just had a terrific time in Florida with our friends Warren and Kathy. They eat very differently than we do, however, so we knew that would be a challenge. We were their guests at a house they … Continue reading

Eating well in the airport…airport food is usually pretty bad for you…

Eating well in the airport How do I make sure I am eating well in the airport while I’m waiting for a flight? Actually I did pretty well. Because it was very early morning flight, I had gotten up at 3 AM. It was a little early to face eating breakfast, so I hadn’t eaten very much before I left the house. I had a slice of Socca (recipe below) with raw almond butter on it and half a cup … Continue reading

FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault!

FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault…why? When I was working on the last section of my book, “Eat Your Blues Away”, I titled it “How to Prevent a Back Slide”.  It focused on the problem of how you keep yourself eating clean and avoiding the temptation of a donut now and then (my all time favorite!), a piece of crusty white Italian bread with Gorgonzola cheese, or something else that used to be an irresistible treat. I’m currently coming out of a few … Continue reading

Big Business is banking on you and me screwing up… (Fast food, fitness…?)

Big business is banking on you and me screwing up…Fast food companies, fitness establishments etc. are counting on you and me not keeping our commitments to ourselves and not achieving our health and fitness goals.  What do I mean by this? Here’s a great example for you.  Gyms and fitness companies plan on you and me buying a membership, showing up for a while, and then giving up on getting in shape.  How do they plan for this?  They oversell memberships; … Continue reading

What exactly is GMO food?

What exactly is GMO food? So much of the food we eat has been corrupted by GMOs. What exactly is GMO food?  It’s a plant or meat product that has had its DNA artificially altered in a laboratory by genes from other plants, animals, viruses, or bacteria, in order to produce foreign compounds in that food. This type of alteration is experimental and not found in nature. Here’s a frightening example for you; genetically modified corn has been engineered in … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Diet for You

How to Choose the Right Diet for You Which diet is the right one for you? The truth is, I think dieting is not the best way to lose weight.  To be on a diet implies it’s for a finite period of time which invites the yo-yo effect of weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain… and so it goes. Most people think it’s simply a matter of trying many different things and then choosing what works. Even more importantly than choosing what … Continue reading

Good Health is a Good Goal…Join Us & Become a “Healthyist”

  Become a “Healthyist” You are probably wondering what in the world a “Healthyist” is.  Since we came up with the term, we decided we should also come up with a definition for you, so here it is: “Healthyist” – noun – One who is committed to enjoying health and vigor of body, mind and spirit. This is a journey my husband Rob and I have been on for many years, but most seriously since the fall of 2012.  At … Continue reading

Relax and Decrease Stress in Your Life

3 Ways to Quickly Relax and Decrease Stress There’s no question that stress causes disease. It’s been directly linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease just to name a few. It also negatively affects your immune system and can make you feel grumpy, tired, and just plain unhappy. Unfortunately, in our fast paced world stress is a part of life. There are bills to pay, friends and family to get along with, and challenges to overcome. The good news is how … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt in 2014

Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt in 2014 – part 2 By now you’ve had a few days to start incorporating the first 5 of your 10 new healthy eating habits into your daily routine.  Let’s take a look at the rest of habits you’ll want to adopt. 6. Watch the clock – Be aware of time management when it comes to healthy eating habits. Once you’ve finished dinner, you should be done eating for the day. Binge eating in the … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt in 2014

Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt in 2014 We’re still early into 2014, so let’s talk about some healthy eating habits you can adopt this year. A habit can be either good or bad, so let’s make sure your new habits are healthy ones that will serve you well this year and beyond! When we view healthy eating habits as a choice and not something that’s been forced upon us, we become empowered and excited to incorporate those habits into our life style. … Continue reading