The dangers of nail polish

The dangers of nail polish…

Do you use nail polish?

If you do, you may be subjecting yourself to a hormone disruptor known as TPHP.

What are the dangers of nail polish?

This is not good ladies!  Out of more than 3,000 nail products listed in The Environmental Working Groups’ Skin Deep database, at least half test positive for TPHP!  While some companies like butter London have indicated they have stopped using it in production, their nail polish for sale on the shelves still contains it!  Some nail polishes tested were shown to contain TPHP although it was not listed as an ingredient!

Even my go-to polish by BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) has tested positive for it!

Here are some of the other brands that sell nail polish that contains TPHP:

Sally Hansen                                 Milani                                       Nuance by Salma Hayek

ESSIE                                           Wet N Wild                               Maybelline

OPI                                                SpaRitual                                  Revlon

butter London                                Orlando                                     theBalm


So what exactly is TPHP and what does a hormone disruptor do?  TPHP is Triphenyl phosphate; it is a suspected endocrine-disrupting chemical and is very often used in the making of plastics and in foam furniture as a fire retardant. Labeling it a hormone disruptor means it interferes with normal hormone function.

In one test, when the urine of 26 women was tested before and after they had painted their nails, the tests showed sharp increases in TPHP beginning just a few hours after they had painted their nails.

Be sure to choose your nail polish wisely

TPHP became the go-to ingredient to increase the flexibility of nail polish after scientific studies showed that the previously used DBP (dibutyl phthalate) was most likely an endocrine disruptor and was toxic to our reproductive systems.

The body metabolizes TPHP into DPHP, and tests for DPHP in the urine samples of pregnant women and in breast milk showed an alarming presence of DPHP in both.

If you’re a frequent user of nail polish, exposure to TPHP may be a long term hazard for you so be sure you’re aware of the dangers of nail polish and check to see if the brand you are using is a safe one.

Here’s a link to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database so you can check out the beauty products you are currently using to see if you’re exposing yourself to toxic ingredients and what your alternative go-to products could be.

Sometimes buffing your nails to a natural glossy shine is easier, cheaper and healthier.

If you really, really want color on your nails, I suggest you try this polish from Acquarella.  It has very few ingredients; they are ingredients you can actually spell and pronounce, and it is not animal tested.  I like the color call “Prissy”.

Hey!  Who are you calling Prissy!!??

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Cheryl Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC at home with 2 of her sheep


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