Hemp…an introduction to a great nutritional source! Yes, really!

Hemp…It’s not Just for Getting High Anymore…

Actually, that’s not true.  Hemp was never for getting high, but I wanted to get your attention!  Worked, didn’t it?

You’ve probably heard about the struggle between states and the federal government regarding the cultivation of industrial hemp. But, did you know that hemp barely has any resemblance to the marijuana plant for which it is associated? They both come from the same species of cannabis plant, but the hemp variety has absolutely no psychoactive properties.

Hemp does however, have a great deal of value as a sustainable crop offering seeds, oil, fiber, and so much more. It can be used to make textiles, clothing, paper, many building materials and even food. IHemp has many uses eat hemp hearts every day; in fact, I use it in smoothies, on salads and on fruit.  What industrial hemp can be used for is incredible in its scope and mind-blowing (not literally) due to the fact that according to current federal law, it’s illegal to grow it in the United States

Because of this craziness, all the goodness associated with this crop must be purchased from overseas. It’s sad because it only has a 12 to 14 week growing cycle, and only one acre of hemp could replace 4.1 acres of trees for fiber pulp used in making paper.  We’re fortunate though that we can still use hemp and benefit from its wonderful healthful properties in our lives by purchasing the plant’s products as they become available.

History of Hemp

Hemp can be used to make food, fuel and fiber. It grows easily, very quickly and is considered a highly sustainable crop. In fact, records show it’s one of the oldest crops known to man with records documenting the cultivation of hemp more than 10,000 years ago. A little more recently, it was once used as legal tender in the USA for paying taxes. Hemp cultivation was crucial during World War II with hemp farmers being exempt from military service.

Hemp can be used for many different things throughout history:

Food Products, Bio Fuel Products, Beauty Products, Homes, Textiles, Paper, Rope, Furniture, Flooring, Tables, Cups, Car Fuel, Paint, Books, Bottles, Towels, Toilet Paper, Concrete, Jewelry and much more…

You can thank the lobbyists for the fact that it’s illegal to grow hemp in the U.S.  During the Hoover The Hemp Plantadministration certain people believed hemp was a danger to their private enterprises. So they did what people often do; they spent a lot of money on a propaganda campaign and on lobbying efforts to outlaw hemp cultivation in the U.S.; they did this by linking it to the high THC marijuana variety of cannabis, and noting that marijuana growers could hide their crops among industrial hemp since the plants resemble one another quite a bit.

The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t permit the growth of industrial hemp although some states are starting to legalize it anyway. Time will tell whether or not hemp will eventually be grown legally in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the industrialized world. Despite lobbyists and politics, no one can deny the benefits of hemp and the products that come from hemp. Hemp is a safe and sustainable product full of benefits for humans, nature and society.

Go wild! Treat yourself to some hemp hearts on your food.  They are rich in nutrients and have a creamy texture you’ll enjoy!

Make Major Improvements in Your Life!

Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major



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