Good Health is a Good Goal…Join Us & Become a “Healthyist”


Become a “Healthyist”

You are probably wondering what in the world a “Healthyist” is.  Since we came up with the term, we decided we should also come up with a definition for you, so here it is:

“Healthyist” – noun –

One who is committed to enjoying health and vigor of body, mind and spirit.

This is a journey my husband Rob and I have been on for many years, but most seriously since the fall of 2012.  At that time, we realized that some health issues he was experiencing were the result of taking statins in a high dose for several years.  (If you are on statins, I strongly urge you to do some research and read the fine print on their side effects.)

Statins have been widely prescribed for only about the past 15 years, so the long term effects are just starting to reveal themselves.  They are concerning, so take note…

If you are experiencing neuropathy (pain in the muscle tissue), muscle weakness, brain fog, eye problems such as development of cataracts at a rather young age or heightened eye pressure (a warning of impending glaucoma), vivid dreams, waves of depression or feelings of hopelessness, elevated blood glucose signaling a pre-diabetic condition or diabetes, then you should take this blog post very, very seriously.

studies are showing statins can have serious side effects

You need to educate yourself as to what you are taking and read the fine print on your prescription package instructions/information.

There are lawsuits relative to women who have developed pre-diabetes or diabetes as a result of taking statins, but what you don’t hear yet is that it is happening to men, too.

To make a very long story shorter, this was the catalyst for Rob and me to research how we could eat better to feel better.

Our journey has been fascinating, and it will be shared both here and on a separate website about becoming a Healthyist so that you too, can join us.

The result is that we are both feeling so much better both mentally and physically.  We love how we eat, and we are always coming up with new recipes and dishes that we look forward to sharing with you.  An added bonus is that we lost about 20 lbs each.  And that’s without trying to diet or lose the weight!

It is our sincere hope that you will join us and become a Healthyist, too!  It will change your life for the better. I promise you, like us, will wish you had discovered it a long time ago.

Become a Healthyist

Stay tuned for the launch of our upcoming website on becoming a Healthyist!

Make Your Life a Thin Strong Healthy One!

Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major

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