How to Increase Productivity – Can you hold a thought for 17 seconds?

How to Increase Productivity I have a powerful strategy to share with you today that will empower you to do focused, efficient things in your everyday life and show you how to increase productivity!  It comes from my friend and mentor, Connie Ragen Green, and she practices it to be incredibly productive on a consistent basis in her amazingly successful business and in her life!  One thing about Connie is that, unlike many successful people, she doesn’t hold back secrets … Continue reading

Thyme tea

Thyme tea…have you ever heard of it? If you’ve never tried thyme tea, I have a new taste sensation for you!  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s easy to make and has a host of benefits for your health.  It soothes your stomach, so it’s good if you suffer from indigestion; it helps relieve menstrual cramps; helps you sleep, sharpens your cognitive function, boosts your immune system (great during this really tough cold/flu season we’re having), helps heal respiratory … Continue reading

Keeping Your Brain Young and Healthy…Did you know today is National Forget Me Not Day?

forget me nots panmaule

Keeping Your Brain Young and Healthy…Did you know today is National Forget Me Not Day? I love Forget Me Nots!  They’re so cheerful with that gorgeous shade of blue.  They like some yards better than others though, and unfortunately, mine is not one of the ones they love.  My father-in-law’s back yard was covered with them!  When they were in bloom, it was just a sea of blue, and I can tell you it was spectacular!  He had very sandy … Continue reading

Eat for Productivity- You’ll Be Surprised at the Difference it Makes!

Eat for Productivity Do you remember the song “Dem Bones” with the words, ”The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone; the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone” and so on?  It’s so true; everything is connected.  Your gut, your heart, your brain.  Food choices affect how your organs perform and ultimately, your food choices affect your productivity.  If you’re an entrepreneur, this is big news, and you want to pay close attention and be sure to eat for … Continue reading