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Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a journey, and it can present different challenges for different people. Here are a few of the common mistakes many of us make when trying to lose weight.


Focusing only on the scale

This tends to vary from person to person, but for many, focusing on the scale is one of the worst mistakes you can make when trying to lose weight. It can be discouraging as true weight loss demands time and patience. For others, it’s motivational, and checking in on a daily or weekly basis can help you stay on track. It’s important to understand the different factors that can influence your weight. These factors include the amount of food you’ve eaten as well as the liquids you’ve consumed. For women who are not yet menopausal, hormone fluctuations during your cycle may influence what you see when you step on the scale.



When you’re trying to lose weight or when you’re very simply trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle, it’s important that you exercise regularly. It’s entirely possible to experience a decrease in metabolic rate and to lose muscle mass if you only restrict calories and don’t exercise. It’s likely regular exercise will help you lose weight more easily and will help you maintain a healthy weight.


Lifting weights

Weight loss can be significantly increased by resistance training. Weightlifting can help with loss of belly fat, improve strength and physical function, increase metabolic rate, and it’s very effective for gaining muscle. Weightlifting and aerobic exercise, when combined, work effectively in reducing body fat. In addition, lifting weights helps to keep your bones strong as you age.


Eating enough protein

Protein helps you on your weight loss journey, and it’s important to eat enough of it when you’re trying to lose weight. According to studies, protein can protect muscle mass during weight loss, maintain or increase metabolic rate, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce appetite. Some great and affordable options include flaxseeds, quinoa, legumes, and beans — just to reinforce that meat and dairy aren’t your only protein options. Be sure your meals provide a small serving of protein whenever you’re trying to lose weight.


Eating enough fiber

Your overall health can be affected, and your weight loss efforts can be hurt when your diet is deficient in fiber. Fiber helps promote weight loss, improves digestion, and reduces your risk of colon cancer and other chronic conditions.


Eating too often, even when you’re not hungry

Perhaps you are an excellent cook or have someone in your house who prepares amazing meals. It’s important to resist the temptation to overeat or to eat too often. In order to lose weight, it’s important to eat only when you’re hungry. It’s also important to reduce your portion size when you do eat. Try using a smaller plate so a lesser serving still looks like a full plate of food for you. It’s surprising how important and effective the visual mind games can be with weight loss.


Having unrealistic expectations

You can easily become discouraged if your weight loss goals are unrealistic. Instead of setting a goal, set an intention. Make it a small focused one. For example, instead of having a goal of losing 10 pounds in two weeks, set an intention to eat so you release 2 pounds in a couple of weeks. Once you make that intention a reality, set another one. The odds of you being successful releasing weight will increase if you build on small intentions that are achievable rather than setting unrealistic goals that may derail your efforts and only succeed in discouraging you.


Drinking sugary beverages

It’s a hot day, and that cold soda is going to taste so good! Or maybe you just exercised, and you’re looking forward to that energy drink to get you through the rest of your day. It’s really best to make a different choice as sodas and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Fruit juice isn’t the answer either. There are lots of fruit juices today that are loaded with sugar. Even the fruit juices that advertise they have no added sugar are still not your best choice for refreshment. Fruit juice is recognized by your body as sugar! I know that may be surprising, but it’s true. It’s always a better choice to skip the fruit juice and eat a piece of fruit instead.


Label reading

This is a very easy mistake to make. So often we look at the front of the package and make a decision to buy or not to buy based on what we see there. This is not a good idea as the front of the package is for advertising and is not regulated! The food companies are not required to tell the truth on the front of the package. It’s on the back of the package that the facts can be found. Be sure to look at the list of ingredients and also at the nutrition label to help you make a smart decision as to whether it’s a good idea to put it in your shopping cart or return it to the shelf.


Tracking what you eat

Tracking helps with accountability both to yourself and to any coach with whom you may be working. When you track what you eat, you’ll see on a daily basis what you’ve been eating and drinking. This makes it easier to decide where to make adjustments and where you are just getting it right so it’s only a matter of time before the weight is released. There are several online tracking sites and apps available you can use to keep track of your weight loss journey.


Weight loss really is a long-term lifestyle change rather than a magical diet. Keep in mind, whatever your weight is and however much you want to lose, you didn’t get here in just a few weeks. Be kind to yourself and have patience and determination as you move forward and release that unwanted weight!

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