My Husband’s Cholesterol Ruined Our Vacation

My Husband’s Cholesterol Ruined Our VacationHow My Husband’s Cholesterol Ruined Our Vacation

How would you feel if you flew 3000 miles for vacation and spent it watching your husband sleep off the side effects of a prescription cholesterol medication? It was 2012, and we had come out to California for my niece’s wedding. After the event, we headed down to San Diego to enjoy a few days vacation before heading back home to New England, but my husband’s cholesterol ruined our vacation.

This one particular day, we had decided to walk around San Diego. It was hot and gorgeous, with that California sun beating straight down much as we remembered it did in Italy. No long shadows cast here.

We spent time at a cove watching the seals and loving the warm weather. After a time, we got hungry and decided to reward ourselves with a pizza and beer, so we headed back to a pizza place we had spotted in our earlier walking.

Settling in, we ordered a pizza and some delicious beer. I took one sip of the beer, and my husband Rob said, “We have to leave. I don’t feel well.” Knowing he wouldn’t do this unless something pretty dire were going on, I agree. We paid for and abandoned our meal, found the car and headed back to our hotel.

I drove, and he reclined the passenger seat and fell into a deep sleep. When we got back to the hotel, we got him into bed and he slept for hours and hours. In fact, he slept for the better part of two days before he started to come out of it and began to feel like himself again. By that time, we had to head for the airport and get on a plane to come home.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but it was the first time it happened when we had been away from home. Rob had been experiencing weird and troubling symptoms from what we didn’t know, but he was now border line with Type 2 Diabetes, suffered from muscle weakness, nerve pain, brain fog, an inability to assimilate information, memory loss, was getting cataracts and more.

He had been generally healthy, but had a family history of high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. We were afraid to take him to the doctor with his most recent event in California as our experience was they would put him on some sort of drug to get rid of the symptoms rather than trying to find out the cause of the symptoms.

He was put on a mega dose of a cholesterol medication about seven years earlier because of his family history of heart disease. He had been taking 80 mg/day of Lipitor for seven years. On TV, we had seen ads for class action lawsuits for women who had been pushed to T2 Diabetes by taking Lipitor, so we decided to check out possible side effects of this drug.

We were lucky and we weren’t. Lucky to find out Rob was the poster child for side effects of Lipitor (we could attribute everything he was experiencing to the drug), but unlucky in that it was ruining his health. We had to figure out a way to get his cholesterol levels into some sort of normal range and back him off the pre-diabetes diagnosis. By the way, a diagnosis of pre-diabetes is no more benign than being told “you have diabetes”; they are really the same thing.

My husband's cholesterol ruined our vacationWe decided to radically change our diet, and we purged our pantry, fridge and freezer. We dumped processed food, anything with sugar (of any kind! There are 60+ different names for it), gluten, dairy, anything in a box or bag was gone. “Convenience foods” were gone. We began eating lots of salads, vegetables and simple whole food.

By doing this quickly and efficiently, we were able to back him off the T2 Diabetes diagnosis, got his cholesterol into the normal range and his symptoms began to abate. By the way, we each lost twenty pounds without dieting.

Along with the recovery from his symptoms and side effects, we realized in a few months the chronic depression that had been my constant companion since I was twelve years old was gone. I chronicled my recovery in my book, “Eat Your Blues Away”.

The lesson we learned was to turn to food as our medicine first and foremost. Traditional medicine certainly has its place and its benefit, but not as a fix for what you put on your fork.

It’s important to acknowledge our current “health care” system is really a sickness care system. When you eat whatever you want until you develop symptoms or a full-blown illness and then are prescribed a drug to control or eliminate the symptoms, I question the sense that makes.

We’ve been back to California for another vacation since then, but we didn’t have to deal with the side effects of Lipitor. This time I didn’t have to say that my husband’s cholesterol ruined our vacation!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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