Pat Summitt and Alzheimer’s Disease – How is Your Brain Health??

Pat Summitt and Alzheimer’s Disease I want to address Pat Summitt and Alzheimer’s Disease. Pat Summitt coached more winning college basketball games than any other coach in college basketball history… men’s or women’s!  Pat succumbed to early onset Alzheimer’s Disease last week at the age of 64.  She had been diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 59, but continued to coach despite doctor’s warnings she should retire immediately.  Pat Summit was one tough lady, but it makes me … Continue reading

How to fight off Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Stay mentally active to fight off Alzheimer’s and Dementia…learn something new! I begin taking electric bass guitar lessons tomorrow! No, this is not a mistake.  I’ve decided to learn to play a new instrument.  This time it’s electric bass guitar. I’m sure when I walk in for my lesson tomorrow the teacher is going to wonder where the kid is who’s taking the lesson.  I’ll have to break it to him that the kid is me! Did you know that … Continue reading