My Husband’s Cholesterol Ruined Our Vacation

How My Husband’s Cholesterol Ruined Our Vacation How would you feel if you flew 3000 miles for vacation and spent it watching your husband sleep off the side effects of a prescription cholesterol medication? It was 2012, and we had come out to California for my niece’s wedding. After the event, we headed down to San Diego to enjoy a few days vacation before heading back home to New England, but my husband’s cholesterol ruined our vacation. This one particular … Continue reading

Compare Nutritional Shakes – Which is Healthier for You?

Compare nutritional shakes Am I the only one who feels like it’s January again? I thought to myself: why not compare nutritional shakes in a post for you? Not because of the weather, but because of the number of diet programs advertised on TV lately. This makes me think too many people are packing on the pounds during this time, and who can blame them? It’s stressful out there, or in here, or wherever you happen to be spending the … Continue reading