Hunger Hormones – Leptin

Leptin and Obesity Leptin is what some experts refer to as the “master” hormone for regulating weight loss and controlling obesity. This hormone was only discovered in 1994; in fact, you may not have even heard of it until now. The Role of Leptin in the Body Leptin is responsible for regulating energy intake and expenditure, but it also controls appetite and hunger! Leptin travels through your bloodstream in order to reach the hypothalamus in your brain. It then tells … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones, Leptin Resistance and Weight Loss

Your Hunger Hormones & Sugar How Leptin is Connected To Insulin Insulin levels increase within our body to some extent when we eat any kind of food. Whenever we consume simple sugars or refined carbohydrates (which are converted into sugar by the body), insulin levels rise significantly and much more quickly. Protein and complex carbohydrates in your diet help to ensure insulin levels rise in a more controlled and much slower manner. Whenever we consume a large meal, the body responds … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones…and Weight Loss…

Hunger Hormones and Weight Loss Leptin Hormone and Weight Loss Have you tried a lot of restrictive diets in order to lose weight but still can’t seem to make the scale move downwards? You’re probably aware that an effective weight loss plan is more than just knowing about what calories are being taken in minus the amount of calories being used. Certainly exercise is a component, but there is one more thing in the weight loss equation you need to … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones – How do they affect your metabolism?

Hunger Hormones and Your Metabolism This post contains basic information on your metabolism. It’s a complex subject, and not everything can be included here. I highly recommend the book The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, M.D. if you want to explore this subject more fully. Leptin and ghrelin are our hunger hormones, and we know they affect our metabolism. If your hormone levels are out of whack, so is your metabolism. It’s pretty simple: as your leptin levels increase, so … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones – What are some appetite suppressing foods?

Fight Hunger Hormones with Appetite Suppressing Foods It has been determined that it’s actually our hunger hormones that are responsible for our food cravings. Hormones are the messengers of the body, and they all play different roles. There are some that influence how quickly fat is stored in our body, others determine what we want to eat (or crave) and still others determine how we feel (how up or down or level our mood is). Ghrelin is one of our … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones – Ghrelin…How Managing This Hormone Can Help You Lose Weight!

Hunger Hormones – Keeping Your Ghrelin Levels in Check We have all experienced a growling stomach prior to meal time. When our stomach is empty, the hormone ghrelin, also known as the “hunger hormone”, is released. This signals to the body that we are hungry, and it’s time to eat! In order to keep our hunger levels in check, it’s important to keep our ghrelin levels low during the day. There is a variety of factors that comes into play … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones – Fixing Your Leptin Levels

Hunger Hormones Fixing Your Leptin Levels Once we understand how the hunger hormones work; Ghrelin the hunger hormone and Leptin the satiety hormone, we can begin to understand if our body is in balance. Your Leptin levels are more than likely out of whack if you’re someone who eats all day long and never seems to feel full. There is good news though; with some changes to your lifestyle, you will be able to re-balance your hormones and get them … Continue reading

Did you know you have two hunger hormones? Leptin is the second…

hunger hormones

Hunger Hormones What Is Leptin? Leptin is a protein comprised of 167 amino acids. The word “leptin” originates from the Greek word “Leptos” which translates to “thin.” Leptin plays a huge role within the body in regards to hunger and appetite. Leptin is know as the second of the hunger hormones and is essential in behavior, metabolism, and energy expenditure and intake.  All this makes it one of the most vital hormones derived from adipose tissue (one of the main types of connective … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones… How Do They Affect You?

What is a Hunger Hormone, and How Does It Affect You? What Is Ghrelin? In 1999 ghrelin was discovered by Masayasu Kojima. The name was chosen based on it being a “growth hormone-releasing peptide”. “Ghre”, as the Proto-Indo-European root, translates as “to grow”. Ghrelin is known as the hunger stimulator. It is a 28-amino acid hunger stimulating hormone and peptide. The levels of ghrelin decrease after eating and increase before meals. Even though it has various functions within the body, … Continue reading

Hunger Hormones… did you even know you have them?

Understanding Hunger Hormones Hunger hormones… did you know that we actually have hunger hormones? One hormone’s purpose is to increase our appetite and make us eat, while another hormone primarily works to decrease our appetite. Would you like to be ‘ordering’ a few more of those? Our hunger hormones are Ghrelin and Leptin, and the majority of us have never even heard of these little ‘critters’. What follows is designed to give you a better understanding of your body’s hunger … Continue reading