Madison Reed

Have You Heard of Madison Reed? Back in March of this year, I heard someone on TV say that in about 4 weeks, we would know what everyone’s real hair color is. When I heard this, I smiled to myself, because I knew for most of us, it would be true…but not for me. You see, I have a secret weapon; one I want to share with you, my readers. That secret weapon is Madison Reed. I started to get … Continue reading

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals – are you using them?

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals If you use cosmetics, you really need to read this…  It’s titled “The 5 Suspect Ingredients That Could Cost the Beauty Industry $20 Million”, and it talks about how popular beauty products contain suspicious chemicals. Many years ago, I was looking through a TV Guide at my parents’ house, and noticed an “ad” talking about how rabbits were used for cosmetic testing.  I had no clue, and this was the beginning of me taking notice of cosmetics … Continue reading